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[Bug 1252266] Re: Corrupted low memory after resume from suspend after updating to saucy


I'm also experienced this bug with kernel 3.11.0-14-generic:

2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928028] Corrupted low memory at ffff88000000c6a8 (c6a8 phys) = 400000000000
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928034] ------------[ cut here ]------------
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928042] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 36 at /build/buildd/linux-3.11.0/arch/x86/kernel/check.c:140 check_for_bios_corruption+0x10f/0x120()
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928044] Memory corruption detected in low memory
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928045] Modules linked in: btusb nls_utf8 nls_iso8859_1(F) ext2(F) isofs(F) msdos(F) snd_hrtimer(F) pci_stub vboxpci(OF) vboxnetadp(OF) vboxnetflt(OF) vboxdrv(OF) rpcsec_gss_krb5 nfsv4(F) nfsd(F) rfcomm auth_rpcgss(F) bnep nfs_acl(F) nfs(F) lockd(F) sunrpc(F) fscache(F) binfmt_misc(F) dm_crypt(F) fglrx(POF) coretemp kvm_intel(F) kvm(F) snd_hda_codec_hdmi gpio_ich snd_hda_codec_realtek ppdev(F) uvcvideo snd_hda_intel snd_usb_audio snd_hda_codec snd_usbmidi_lib snd_seq_midi(F) videobuf2_vmalloc snd_hwdep(F) snd_seq_midi_event(F) microcode(F) psmouse(F) snd_pcm(F) videobuf2_memops snd_rawmidi(F) snd_seq(F) videobuf2_core snd_page_alloc(F) snd_seq_device(F) videodev snd_timer(F) serio_raw(F) snd(F) soundcore(F) bluetooth lpc_ich lp(F) amd_iommu_v2 mac_hid parport_pc(F) parport(F) raid10(F) raid456(F) async_raid6_recov(F) async_memcpy(F) async_pq(F) async_xor(F) async_tx(F) xor(F) raid6_pq(F) raid1(F) raid0(F) multipath(F) linear(F) hid_generic usbhid hid vesafb(F) ses enclosure 
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	pata_acpi usb_storage(F) firewire_ohci firewire_core crc_itu_t(F) r8169 pata_jmicron mii(F) ahci(F) libahci(F) [last unloaded: btusb]
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928122] CPU: 0 PID: 36 Comm: kworker/0:1 Tainted: PF          O 3.11.0-14-generic #21-Ubuntu
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928124] Hardware name: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. EP45-UD3P/EP45-UD3P, BIOS F6 11/14/2008
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928127] Workqueue: events check_corruption
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928129]  0000000000000009 ffff8802243c7d30 ffffffff816e593a ffff8802243c7d78
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928133]  ffff8802243c7d68 ffffffff81061dbd 0000000000000000 ffff880000010000
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928137]  ffffffff81ea73b0 0000000000000001 ffff880000000000 ffff8802243c7dc8
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928140] Call Trace:
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928146]  [<ffffffff816e593a>] dump_stack+0x45/0x56
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928150]  [<ffffffff81061dbd>] warn_slowpath_common+0x7d/0xa0
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928154]  [<ffffffff81061e2c>] warn_slowpath_fmt+0x4c/0x50
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928157]  [<ffffffff8104e5bf>] check_for_bios_corruption+0x10f/0x120
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928160]  [<ffffffff8104e5de>] check_corruption+0xe/0x40
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928164]  [<ffffffff8107d05c>] process_one_work+0x17c/0x430
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928167]  [<ffffffff8107dcac>] worker_thread+0x11c/0x3c0
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928171]  [<ffffffff8107db90>] ? manage_workers.isra.24+0x2a0/0x2a0
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928174]  [<ffffffff810847b0>] kthread+0xc0/0xd0
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928178]  [<ffffffff810846f0>] ? kthread_create_on_node+0x120/0x120
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928182]  [<ffffffff816f566c>] ret_from_fork+0x7c/0xb0
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928185]  [<ffffffff810846f0>] ? kthread_create_on_node+0x120/0x120
2013-11-21 21:16:45	bdw-desktop	kernel	[33960.928187] ---[ end trace 2b7ec8a16d33085e ]---

$ uname -a
Linux bdw-desktop 3.11.0-14-generic #21-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 12 17:04:55 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

$ sudo dmidecode -t bios
# dmidecode 2.12
SMBIOS 2.4 present.

Handle 0x0000, DMI type 0, 24 bytes
BIOS Information
        Vendor: Award Software International, Inc.
        Version: F6
        Release Date: 11/14/2008
        Address: 0xE0000
        Runtime Size: 128 kB
        ROM Size: 1024 kB
                PCI is supported
                PNP is supported
                BIOS is upgradeable
                BIOS shadowing is allowed
                Boot from CD is supported
                Selectable boot is supported
                EDD is supported
                5.25"/360 kB floppy services are supported (int 13h)
                5.25"/1.2 MB floppy services are supported (int 13h)
                3.5"/720 kB floppy services are supported (int 13h)
                3.5"/2.88 MB floppy services are supported (int 13h)
                Print screen service is supported (int 5h)
                8042 keyboard services are supported (int 9h)
                Serial services are supported (int 14h)
                Printer services are supported (int 17h)
                CGA/mono video services are supported (int 10h)
                ACPI is supported
                USB legacy is supported
                LS-120 boot is supported
                ATAPI Zip drive boot is supported
                BIOS boot specification is supported
                Targeted content distribution is supported

Handle 0x0018, DMI type 13, 22 bytes
BIOS Language Information
        Language Description Format: Long
        Installable Languages: 3
        Currently Installed Language: n|US|iso8859-1

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  Corrupted low memory after resume from suspend after updating to saucy

Status in “linux” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  After upgrading to saucy and Linux 3.11 my Gigabyte 965P-DS3 board no longer properly resumes from suspend.
  The desktop still works fine after resume, but the ethernet interface won't come up again.
  dmesg after resume warns about corrupted low memory:

  [40560.864036] ------------[ cut here ]------------
  [40560.864044] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 24687 at /build/buildd/linux-3.11.0/arch/x86/kernel/check.c:140 check_for_bios_corruption+0x10f/0x120()
  [40560.864046] Memory corruption detected in low memory
  [40560.864048] Modules linked in: pci_stub vboxpci(OF) vboxnetadp(OF) vboxnetflt(OF) vboxdrv(OF) cuse ipt_MASQUERADE(F) iptable_nat(F) nf_nat_ipv4(F) nf_nat(F) nf_conntrack_ipv4(F) nf_defrag_ipv4(F) xt_conntrack(F) nf_conntrack(F) ipt_REJECT(F) xt_CHECKSUM(F) iptable_mangle(F) xt_tcpudp(F) bridge(F) stp(F) llc(F) ip6table_filter(F) ip6_tables(F) iptable_filter(F) ip_tables(F) ebtable_nat(F) ebtables(F) x_tables(F) joydev(F) xpad ff_memless hid_generic usbhid hid rfcomm bnep bluetooth binfmt_misc(F) kvm_intel(F) kvm(F) gpio_ich ppdev(F) ir_lirc_codec lirc_dev ir_sanyo_decoder ir_mce_kbd_decoder ir_sony_decoder ir_jvc_decoder ir_rc6_decoder ir_rc5_decoder ir_nec_decoder e4000 rtl2832 usb_storage(F) snd_usb_audio snd_usbmidi_lib uvcvideo videobuf2_vmalloc videobuf2_memops videobuf2_core videodev dvb_usb_rtl28xxu rtl2830 dvb_usb_v2 dvb_core rc_core snd_hda_codec_realtek snd_hda_intel snd_hda_codec snd_hwdep(F) snd_pcm(F) snd_page_alloc(F) snd_seq_midi(F) snd_seq_midi_event(F) microcode(F) pcspkr serio_raw(F) snd_rawmidi(F) snd_seq(F) snd_seq_device(F) snd_timer(F) snd(F) lpc_ich soundcore(F) nvidia(POF) parport_pc(F) drm mac_hid it87 hwmon_vid coretemp lp(F) parport(F) pata_acpi sky2 pata_jmicron ahci(F) libahci(F)
  [40560.864148] CPU: 0 PID: 24687 Comm: kworker/0:1 Tainted: PF       W  O 3.11.0-13-generic #20-Ubuntu
  [40560.864151] Hardware name: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. 965P-DS3/965P-DS3, BIOS F14d 12/18/2008
  [40560.864155] Workqueue: events check_corruption
  [40560.864158]  0000000000000009 ffff880064be9d30 ffffffff816e54ba ffff880064be9d78
  [40560.864162]  ffff880064be9d68 ffffffff81061dbd 0000000000000000 ffff880000010000
  [40560.864166]  ffffffff81ea73b0 0000000000000001 ffff880000000000 ffff880064be9dc8
  [40560.864171] Call Trace:
  [40560.864178]  [<ffffffff816e54ba>] dump_stack+0x45/0x56
  [40560.864183]  [<ffffffff81061dbd>] warn_slowpath_common+0x7d/0xa0
  [40560.864187]  [<ffffffff81061e2c>] warn_slowpath_fmt+0x4c/0x50
  [40560.864191]  [<ffffffff8104e5bf>] check_for_bios_corruption+0x10f/0x120
  [40560.864195]  [<ffffffff8104e5de>] check_corruption+0xe/0x40
  [40560.864200]  [<ffffffff8107d05c>] process_one_work+0x17c/0x430
  [40560.864204]  [<ffffffff8107dcac>] worker_thread+0x11c/0x3c0
  [40560.864208]  [<ffffffff8107db90>] ? manage_workers.isra.24+0x2a0/0x2a0
  [40560.864212]  [<ffffffff810847b0>] kthread+0xc0/0xd0
  [40560.864217]  [<ffffffff810846f0>] ? kthread_create_on_node+0x120/0x120
  [40560.864221]  [<ffffffff816f51ec>] ret_from_fork+0x7c/0xb0
  [40560.864225]  [<ffffffff810846f0>] ? kthread_create_on_node+0x120/0x120
  [40560.864228] ---[ end trace a5d0e3f4744a1e9d ]---

  This did not happen with raring/Linux 3.8

  ProblemType: Bug
  DistroRelease: Ubuntu 13.10
  Package: linux-image-3.11.0-13-generic 3.11.0-13.20
  ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 3.11.0-13.20-generic 3.11.6
  Uname: Linux 3.11.0-13-generic x86_64
  NonfreeKernelModules: nvidia
  ApportVersion: 2.12.5-0ubuntu2.1
  Architecture: amd64
   /dev/snd/controlC1:  benpicco   3071 F.... pulseaudio
   /dev/snd/controlC0:  benpicco   3071 F.... pulseaudio
  Date: Mon Nov 18 14:12:08 2013
  HibernationDevice: RESUME=UUID=81e8d3af-3d5b-4a61-a550-702a919449c5
  InstallationDate: Installed on 2012-02-27 (629 days ago)
  InstallationMedia: Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot" - Release amd64 (20111012)
   eth0      no wireless extensions.
   lo        no wireless extensions.
   virbr0    no wireless extensions.
  MachineType: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. 965P-DS3
  MarkForUpload: True
  ProcKernelCmdLine: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.11.0-13-generic root=UUID=5b216424-8d68-4640-9d4c-494eb0e00e9d ro quiet splash
   linux-restricted-modules-3.11.0-13-generic N/A
   linux-backports-modules-3.11.0-13-generic  N/A
   linux-firmware                             1.116
  SourcePackage: linux
  UpgradeStatus: Upgraded to saucy on 2013-11-16 (2 days ago)
  dmi.bios.date: 12/18/2008
  dmi.bios.vendor: Award Software International, Inc.
  dmi.bios.version: F14d
  dmi.board.name: 965P-DS3
  dmi.board.vendor: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
  dmi.chassis.type: 3
  dmi.chassis.vendor: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
  dmi.modalias: dmi:bvnAwardSoftwareInternational,Inc.:bvrF14d:bd12/18/2008:svnGigabyteTechnologyCo.,Ltd.:pn965P-DS3:pvr:rvnGigabyteTechnologyCo.,Ltd.:rn965P-DS3:rvr:cvnGigabyteTechnologyCo.,Ltd.:ct3:cvr:
  dmi.product.name: 965P-DS3
  dmi.sys.vendor: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.

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