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[Bug 900795] Re: Intel driver reports hung GPU und disables acceleration


my original bug report was with the oneiric version of Ubuntu. Since then, things have much approved with intel i915 graphics. They are, how ever, far from good, even with the saucy release.

This is the network for a German school with approx. 700 users. We have
eight LTSP servers and all identical clients. Those clients are Pentium
IV machines with onboard intel graphics. They *all* suffer from the
intel graphics problems, which persist since I began my duty at this
school, which was with the jaunty release. Since then, intel graphics
have *never* worked, and they continue not to work until today (since
4,5 years!):  Intel graphics on Ubuntu with remote X is a constant
source of concern.

To clarify my setting: I run Edubuntu 13.10 on a number of LTSP clients. This means *the X client is remote* -- a thing that X was explicitly designed for. Actually this is the only reason that there is X: Running low-power terminals on a high-power server.
This should work like hell. But: It doesn't. Not at all.

- There is no hardware acceleration with my Intel clients with remote X
- graphics lock up at unpredictable times
- graphics reproducibly fail on certain applications
- I cannot even log in with Unity or the gnome-flashback-compiz session

In short: remote X does not work with intel clients in any other mode
but VGA mode. This mode makes my P-IV-clients react and look like
rubbish. And that's about the impression that my students get from
Ubuntu at my school. Sorry for telling you the truth: Ubuntu makes for a
very bad experience on distributed, older hardware. When I began my
career, I learned that this was Linux's original domain: low-power
hardware in distributed networks. Looks this is no longer true.

I will go and test the current release and current kernel and help
wherever I can. However, I cannot understand how a chipset that is
around for many years now and built onto a relevant number of mainboards
is still not working in Ubuntu -- the distribution that prides itself in
supporting the most hardware.

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  Intel driver reports hung GPU und disables acceleration

Status in “linux” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Hardware info: product: 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated
  Graphics Device

  I get no 3d acceleration with the intel driver. Cheking the logs I see that the driver reproducibly reports a hung GPU and disables acceleration.
  The log file asks me to get the output of dmes and the debugfs error_state file, which I attach below.
  This is not a random lockup, which is often reported, but it happens *every time*.

  In addition, I randomly experience X freezes, even with acceleration

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