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[Bug 1262692] Re: oops using openvswitch 1.4.6 with 3.5 series kernel


If I revert 77dc64ef531cfadd7d1d148f9a754e7a7c87c1f2
(703133de331a7a7df47f31fb9de51dc6f68a9de8 upstream) from the 3.5 series
Ubuntu kernel the problem disappears. Will need to investigate further
if this is something that should be solved in the ovs module or kernel

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** Also affects: linux (Ubuntu)
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       Status: New

** Changed in: linux (Ubuntu)
     Assignee: (unassigned) => Chris J Arges (arges)

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** Changed in: linux (Ubuntu)
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  oops using openvswitch 1.4.6 with 3.5 series kernel

Status in “linux” package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress
Status in “openvswitch” package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  1) This affects Precise w/ 3.5 HWE kernel and Quantal series.
  This is using the openvswitch 1.4.6 package currently in proposed.

  ii openvswitch-common 1.4.6-0ubuntu1.12.10.1 amd64 Open vSwitch common components
  ii openvswitch-datapath-dkms 1.4.6-0ubuntu1.12.10.1 all Open vSwitch datapath module source - DKMS version
  ii openvswitch-switch 1.4.6-0ubuntu1.12.10.1 amd64 Open vSwitch switch implementations
  ii openvswitch-test 1.4.6-0ubuntu1.12.10.1 all Open vSwitch test package

  Expected that setting up a GRE tunnel won't cause an oops.

  Test Case:
  # Install above packages with affected versions.
  # Ensure you have an isolated network setup for eth1 between vms
  # Obviously replace IPs with what's appropriate on your network
  ovs-vsctl del-br integbr
  ovs-vsctl add-br integbr
  ifconfig eth1 netmask
  ovs-vsctl add-port integbr gre0 -- set interface gre0 type=gre options:remote_ip=
  ovs-vsctl add-port integbr tsp0 -- set interface tsp0 type=internal
  ifconfig tsp0 netmask
  iptables -F
  iptables -F -t nat
  # goes boom here

  This is the bt from crash:

  PID: 1197   TASK: ffff88007a009700  CPU: 0   COMMAND: "ovs-vswitchd"
   #0 [ffff8800799213f0] machine_kexec at ffffffff8103a275
   #1 [ffff880079921460] crash_kexec at ffffffff810b9d68
   #2 [ffff880079921530] oops_end at ffffffff81685600
   #3 [ffff880079921560] no_context at ffffffff81676637
   #4 [ffff8800799215c0] __bad_area_nosemaphore at ffffffff81676822
   #5 [ffff880079921610] bad_area_nosemaphore at ffffffff81676854
   #6 [ffff880079921620] do_page_fault at ffffffff816881bb
   #7 [ffff880079921730] do_async_page_fault at ffffffff81687a35
   #8 [ffff880079921750] async_page_fault at ffffffff81684a95
   #9 [ffff8800799218b0] ovs_vport_send at ffffffffa01b956e [openvswitch]
  #10 [ffff8800799218d0] do_output at ffffffffa01b0214 [openvswitch]
  #11 [ffff8800799218e0] do_execute_actions at ffffffffa01b031f [openvswitch]
  #12 [ffff880079921970] ovs_execute_actions at ffffffffa01b0a68 [openvswitch]
  #13 [ffff8800799219b0] ovs_packet_cmd_execute at ffffffffa01b1279 [openvswitch]
  #14 [ffff880079921a10] genl_rcv_msg at ffffffff8159c9b0
  #15 [ffff880079921aa0] netlink_rcv_skb at ffffffff8159c2d1
  #16 [ffff880079921ad0] genl_rcv at ffffffff8159c745
  #17 [ffff880079921af0] netlink_unicast at ffffffff8159bc2d
  #18 [ffff880079921b40] netlink_sendmsg at ffffffff8159bf8a
  #19 [ffff880079921bd0] sock_sendmsg at ffffffff8155c838
  #20 [ffff880079921d50] ___sys_sendmsg at ffffffff8155cc81
  #21 [ffff880079921f00] __sys_sendmsg at ffffffff8155ea09
  #22 [ffff880079921f70] sys_sendmsg at ffffffff8155ea62
  #23 [ffff880079921f80] system_call_fastpath at ffffffff8168c5a9
      RIP: 00007f4b2bfee570  RSP: 00007fff3cfd08e8  RFLAGS: 00000206
      RAX: 000000000000002e  RBX: ffffffff8168c5a9  RCX: ffffffffffffffff
      RDX: 0000000000000000  RSI: 00007fff3cfcd910  RDI: 0000000000000025
      RBP: 00007f4b2f2a9e40   R8: 00007f4b2f2ab2c0   R9: 00000000000002ff
      R10: 1600000000000000  R11: 0000000000000246  R12: ffffffff8155ea62
      R13: ffff880079921f78  R14: 00007fff3cfcd910  R15: 0000000000000002
      ORIG_RAX: 000000000000002e  CS: 0033  SS: 002b

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