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[Bug 1265722] Re: ppc64el: 14.04 alpha 1 build has call traces -- ERROR: Bad of_node_put() on /pci@800000020000000


Ok the Ubuntu-3.13.0-0.15 kernel should now be in the bootstrap PPA,
this is supposed to fix this issue.  Could we test that and confirm the
bug is fixed.  Please report any testing back here.  Thanks.

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  ppc64el: 14.04 alpha 1 build has call traces -- ERROR: Bad
  of_node_put() on /pci@800000020000000

Status in “linux” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:
  Install Ubuntu ppc64el guest image on Power 8 machine using kvm

  [root@lep8a Ubuntu_alpha1]# qemu-system-ppc64 -enable-kvm -M pseries
  -cpu POWER8 -smp cores=4,threads=1 -m 70G -nographic -append
  "earlyprintk root=/dev/sda console=hvc0 --no-sessions" -kernel trusty-
  server-cloudimg-ppc64el-vmlinuz-generic -device spapr-vscsi -drive
  file=trusty-server-cloudimg-ppc64el.img.qcow2 -net nic,model=e1000
  -net tap,ifname=tap0,script=qemu-ifup,downscript=no

  Ubuntu Trusty Tahr (development branch) ubuntu hvc0

  ubuntu login: ubuntu
  Last login: Tue Dec 24 18:09:11 UTC 2013 on hvc0
  Welcome to Ubuntu Trusty Tahr (development branch) (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-0-generic ppc64le)

   * Documentation:  https://help.ubuntu.com/

    System information as of Tue Dec 24 18:09:11 UTC 2013

    System load:  0.0               Processes:           86
    Usage of /:   1.4% of 49.18GB   Users logged in:     0
    Memory usage: 0%                IP address for eth0:
    Swap usage:   0%

    Graph this data and manage this system at:

    Get cloud support with Ubuntu Advantage Cloud Guest:

  0 packages can be updated.
  0 updates are security updates.

  ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dmesg | more

  IOMMU table initialized, virtual merging enabled
  ERROR: Bad of_node_put() on /pci@800000020000000
  CPU: 0 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 3.13.0-0-generic #10+ppc64el-Ubuntu
  Call Trace:
  [c00000117118b570] [c00000000001553c] .show_stack+0x7c/0x1f0 (unreliable)
  [c00000117118b640] [c0000000009fc480] .dump_stack+0x88/0xb4
  [c00000117118b6c0] [c000000000854818] .of_node_release+0xd8/0xf0
  [c00000117118b750] [c00000000085a2fc] .of_irq_parse_one+0x13c/0x1f0
  [c00000117118b800] [c00000000085b42c] .of_irq_parse_pci+0x3c/0x1d0
  [c00000117118b8a0] [c00000000003abbc] .pcibios_setup_device+0x8c/0x190
  [c00000117118b970] [c00000000003bfa0] .pcibios_setup_bus_devices+0x50/0x80
  [c00000117118b9f0] [c00000000003d4a4] .__of_scan_bus+0x114/0x1b0
  [c00000117118baa0] [c00000000003ca1c] .pcibios_scan_phb+0x27c/0x2f0
  [c00000117118bb60] [c000000000e1f2c4] .pcibios_init+0x80/0xd8
  [c00000117118bbf0] [c00000000000bf84] .do_one_initcall+0x154/0x1b0
  [c00000117118bce0] [c000000000e14e30] .kernel_init_freeable+0x25c/0x33c
  [c00000117118bdb0] [c00000000000c73c] .kernel_init+0x1c/0x160
  [c00000117118be30] [c00000000000a160] .ret_from_kernel_thread+0x5c/0x7c
  PCI: Probing PCI hardware done

  The above call trace is got in the dmesg output.

  ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dpkg --list | grep kernel
  ii  kmod                             15-0ubuntu5                      ppc64el      tools for managing Linux kernel modules
  ii  libdrm2:ppc64el                  2.4.50-1                         ppc64el      Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- runtime
  ii  linux-headers-3.13.0-0           3.13.0-0.10+ppc64el              all          Header files related to Linux kernel version 3.13.0
  ii  linux-headers-3.13.0-0-generic   3.13.0-0.10+ppc64el              ppc64el      Linux kernel headers for version 3.13.0 on PowerPC 64el SMP
  ii  linux-headers-generic                ppc64el      Generic Linux kernel headers
  ii  linux-image-3.13.0-0-generic     3.13.0-0.10+ppc64el              ppc64el      Linux kernel image for version 3.13.0 on PowerPC 64el SMP
  ii  linux-image-virtual                  ppc64el      This package will always depend on the latest minimal generic kernel image.
  ii  linux-virtual                        ppc64el      Minimal Generic Linux kernel and headers
  ii  rsyslog                          7.4.4-1ubuntu2                   ppc64el      reliable system and kernel logging daemon

  ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ uname -a
  Linux ubuntu 3.13.0-0-generic #10+ppc64el-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 24 10:56:51 UTC 2013 ppc64le ppc64le ppc64le GNU/Linux
  ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ lsb_release -rd
  Description:    Ubuntu Trusty Tahr (development branch)
  Release:        14.04

  ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ apt-cache policy pkgname
  N: Unable to locate package pkgname

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