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[Bug 1297658] Re: Ubuntu server 14.04 fail in UEFI installation on Rmy4S


This bug was fixed in the package linux - 3.13.0-20.42

linux (3.13.0-20.42) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Adam Conrad ]

  * [Packaging] Set bootloader and loader on ppc64el to grub

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * rebase to v3.13.7
  * [Config] updateconfigs following rebase to v3.13.7
  * cloud-tools -- pull in init scripts for Hyper-V daemons
  * cloud-tools -- detect Hyper-V VM to avoid starting
  * cloud-tools -- update IF_NAME to DEVICE in hv_* scripts
    - LP: #1295401
  * [Config] cloud-tools -- ensure we force older hv-kvp-daemon-init off
  * [Config] fix up Breaks/Replaces on linux-cloud-tools-common to fix upgrades

  [ Emmanuel Grumbach ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) iwlwifi: mvm: disable uAPSD due to bugs in the

  [ James Bottomley ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) fix our current target reap infrastructure
    - LP: #1283604
  * SAUCE: (no-up) dual scan thread bug fix
    - LP: #1283604

  [ K. Y. Srinivasan ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) Tools: hv: vssdaemon: Ignore VFAT mounts during the
    Freeze operation
    - LP: #1298192

  [ Paolo Pisati ]

  * [Config] disable HW_RANDOM_EXYNOS, USB_DWC3_EXYNOS,
    - LP: #1294353
  * [Config] armhf: generic: AHCI_IMX=y, SERIAL_FSL_LPUART=m
    - LP: #1294951
  * [Config] armhf: generic: MFD_TI_AM335X_TSCADC and USB_DWC3_OMAP = m
    - LP: #1294962

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1298585
  * [Config] ignore.modules
  * SAUCE: i2c-cpm: Add missing includes for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_ABX500_CORE=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_ALX=m for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_ACENIC_OMIT_TIGON_I=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_ACORN_PARTITION_*=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_ANDROID=n for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_ASYNC_RAID6_TEST=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_BIG_KEYS=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INTEGRITY=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR_VENDOR=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_CFG80211=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_CHARGER_BQ24190=m for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_CHARGER_BQ24735=m for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_EXPERT=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_ATA_SFF=y on ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_ATA_GENERIC=y for ppc64el, powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_CHR_DEV_ST=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_RESTORE=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_1G=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_CHR_DEV_OSST=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_CHR_DEV_SCH=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_STAT=y for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_DDR=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE=y for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_EXT4_USE_FOR_EXT23=y for powerpc, ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_E100=m, CONFIG_E1000=m, CONFIG_E1000E=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_EZX_PCAP=n for all arches
  * [Config] CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG=y for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_ENABLE_MUST_CHECK=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_ENABLE_WARN_DEPRECATED=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_FB_3DFX=m for all arches
  * [Config] CONFIG_FB_MATROX=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_FB_RADEON=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_FB_SAVAGE_I2C=y for all arches
  * [Config] CONFIG_FIREWIRE=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_FTR_FIXUP_SELFTEST=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_HAMRADIO=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_I2C_CHARDEV=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_I2C_MUX=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_I2C_STUB=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_I2O=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_INPUT_FF_MEMLESS=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_INTERVAL_TREE_TEST=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_IPACK_BUS=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_ISDN=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_ISO9660_FS=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_KGDB=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_KVM_GUEST=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_L2TP_V3=y for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_MAILBOX=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MD_LINEAR=m, CONFIG_MD_RAID0=m, CONFIG_MD_RAID1=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MEDIA_SUPPORT=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MEMORY=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MEMSTICK=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MFD_SM501_GPIO=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MLX4_DEBUG=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MMC_BLOCK=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_NET_9P=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MSDOS_FS=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MSI_BITMAP_SELFTEST=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_MTD=m for arm64
  * [Config] CONFIG_NETCONSOLE=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_NETPOLL_TRAP=n for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_NET_IPIP=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_NET_TEAM=m for all arches
  * [Config] CONFIG_NFC=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_NL80211_TESTMODE=n for all arches
  * [Config] CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_437=y for powerpc
  * [Config] CONFIG_NLS_ASCII=m, CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_1=m, CONFIG_NLS_UTF8=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_NOP_USB_XCEIV=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_NOTIFIER_ERROR_INJECTION=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_OPROFILE=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_PARPORT_1284=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_PCNET32=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_SCSI_DH_EMC=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_SCSI_DH_HP_SW=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_SCSI_FC_ATTRS=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_SCSI_IPR=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_SCSI_LOGGING=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_SCSI_OSD_INITIATOR=m for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_SCSI_SCAN_ASYNC=y for ppc64el
  * [Config] CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_2=m for ppc64el

  [ Timo Aaltonen ]

  * SAUCE: i915_bdw: Provide an ubuntu/i915 driver for Broadwell graphics
    - LP: #1294144
  * SAUCE: i915_bdw: Add DP_AUX definitions
    - LP: #1294144
  * SAUCE: i915_bdw: Update intel_ips.h file location
    - LP: #1294144
  * SAUCE: i915_bdw: Revert "ACPI / i915: replace open-coded _DSM code with
    helper functions"
    - LP: #1294144
  * SAUCE: i915_bdw: Add an include back to intel_opregion.c
    - LP: #1294144
  * SAUCE: i915_bdw: Only support Broadwell with ubuntu/i915 driver
    - LP: #1294144
  * SAUCE: i915_bdw: Add i915_bdw_gpu_*() calls for ubuntu/i915
    - LP: #1294144
  * i915_bdw: [Config] Enable CONFIG_DRM_I915_BDW=m, and disable UMS
    - LP: #1294144
  * SAUCE: i915_bdw: Rename ubuntu/i915 driver to i915_bdw
    - LP: #1294144

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * netfilter: nf_conntrack_dccp: fix skb_header_pointer API usages
    - CVE-2014-2523
  * Input: ALPS - add support for "Dolphin" devices
    - LP: #1190867
  * x86/mm/pageattr: Lookup address in an arbitrary PGD
    - LP: #1297658
  * x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PGD pagetable populating function
    - LP: #1297658
  * x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PUD pagetable populating function
    - LP: #1297658
  * x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PMD pagetable populating function
    - LP: #1297658
  * x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PTE pagetable populating function
    - LP: #1297658
  * x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PUD error unwinding path
    - LP: #1297658
  * x86/mm/pageattr: Add last levels of error path
    - LP: #1297658
  * x86/mm/cpa: Map in an arbitrary pgd
    - LP: #1297658
  * x86/efi: Runtime services virtual mapping
    - LP: #1297658
  * x86/efi: Check krealloc return value
    - LP: #1297658
  * Include apm-mustang.dtb in kernel-image udeb
  * drm/i915: add i915_reset_count
    - LP: #1294144
  * drm/i915: add i915_get_reset_stats_ioctl
    - LP: #1294144
  * drm: add DRM_INFO_ONCE() to print a one-time DRM_INFO() message
    - LP: #1294144
  * drm: provide a helper for the encoder possible_crtcs mask
    - LP: #1294144
  * drm: Move drm_encoder_crtc_ok() to core
    - LP: #1294144
  * drm: Pass the display mode to drm_calc_timestamping_constants()
    - LP: #1294144
  * drm: Pass the display mode to drm_calc_vbltimestamp_from_scanoutpos()
    - LP: #1294144
  * drm: Pass 'flags' from the caller to .get_scanout_position()
    - LP: #1294144

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * rebase to v3.13.7
    - LP: #1268468
 -- Andy Whitcroft <apw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>   Mon, 24 Mar 2014 10:41:31 +0000

** Changed in: linux (Ubuntu Trusty)
       Status: In Progress => Fix Released

** CVE added: http://www.cve.mitre.org/cgi-

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  Ubuntu server 14.04 fail in UEFI installation on Rmy4S

Status in intel:
Status in “linux” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in “linux” source package in Trusty:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Label: Rmy08sdp (Romley-4S)
  BIOS version: SE5C600.86B.99.99.x059.091020121352
  Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU  E5-4650   C2 stepping
  Chipset: Patsburg SSB-T - C1 stepping
  OS: Ubuntu 14.04 Server daily image

  How to reproduce:
  1. select UEFI DVD from boot manager
  2. select install ubuntu from grub
  3. system will stop a while then reboot.

  root cause:
  1) Kernel will set memory cache attribute according to efi memeory map
  2) if bios set one memory range is EFI_RUNTIME and uncacheable, kernel will flush this memory
  3) system reboot when kernel use cflush instruction on a vga address like 0xA0000~0xBFFFF
  the related code is: efi_enter_virtual_mode() in arch/x86/platform/efi/efi.c

  two solutions:
  1. wait for bios update, but it is hard for some machines.
  2. backport following 11 patches which are in kernel 3.14-rc1
  f4fccac x86/efi: Simplify EFI_DEBUG
  0fd64c2 x86/mm/pageattr: Lookup address in an arbitrary PGD
  f3f7296 x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PGD pagetable populating function
  4b23538 x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PUD pagetable populating function
  f900a4b x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PMD pagetable populating function
  c6b6f36 x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PTE pagetable populating function
  0bb8aee x86/mm/pageattr: Add a PUD error unwinding path
  52a628f x86/mm/pageattr: Add last levels of error path
  82f0712 x86/mm/cpa: Map in an arbitrary pgd
  d2f7cbe x86/efi: Runtime services virtual mapping
  ee41143 x86/efi: Check krealloc return value

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