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[Bug 1301908] Re: some broadcom bluetooth modules need longer time to restart


This bug was fixed in the package linux - 3.13.0-23.45

linux (3.13.0-23.45) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1302083

  [ Emil Goode ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) brcmsmac: fix deadlock on missing firmware
    - LP: #1300416

  [ Moni Shoua ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) IB/core: Don't resolve passive side RoCE L2 address in cma req handler
    Merged at the request of Mellanox engineers. It shold be making its way upstream.

  [ Or Gerlitz ]


  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * [Config] CONFIG_MLX4_EN_VXLAN=y

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * This set of patches essentially updates the infiniband subsystem to 3.14 plus some
    bug fixes from 3.15. The initial set of commits were determined using:

    git log --pretty=oneline --reverse
v3.13..cd6362befe4cc7bf589a5236d2a780af2d47bcc9 -- drivers/infiniband
drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox include/linux/mlx* include/rdma

    A few tree-wide patches were dropped since they were not essential.
    This is the list of commits that were actually applied. As you can see there were
    a few back ports, but all were simple context collisions and easily resolved.

    (cherry picked from commit 7c6d74d23a33a946bcf08ba2d3e52d31943b7342)
    (cherry picked from commit 7b25d81b7ff03bb1893a9c7f97797b891a772deb)
    (cherry picked from commit 73e74ab4e0d030f28d640507998156a22d4211f8)
    (cherry picked from commit eb17711bc1d6611e934af5b6dabc225936084128)
    (cherry picked from commit 8e1a28e8e6797449dfdfa4739002d1e5939355a8)
    (cherry picked from commit 84c864038d6d991be81344fc3168ec2c2f7a8d06)
    (cherry picked from commit d03a68f8217ea03492e4f7928db222dc6544792a)
    (cherry picked from commit be902ab122fcc59ba6a8588e820c31861d75a5a4)
    (cherry picked from commit e4b59a1cb6f8feb03f356b0abfd20451f05d7470)
    (cherry picked from commit 0276a330617a0cf380f09e5065299078d3d45886)
    (cherry picked from commit 982290a7fe36e528af292d3e3b61939b1900bfc6)
    (cherry picked from commit c5266d40b0a26546d0ebedb44dd4145088b85cb8)
    (cherry picked from commit 7ffdf726cfe0d188907bdbb0e7729fb35a69c219)
    (cherry picked from commit 837052d0ccc5a789a578f8b628ba154b63bd51ea)
    (cherry picked from commit c0623e587d869b4b18e077d64a8524ea364b5b77)
    (cherry picked from commit ad7d4eaed995d76fb24a18e202fdf5072197ff0a)
    (cherry picked from commit 2156d9a8ac0202f0158d407063cb850afffd3f56)
    (cherry picked from commit b912b2f8fc71df4c3ffa7a9fe2c2227e8bcdaa07)
    (cherry picked from commit 9ba75fb0c4b92416b94640b5a043c323a457f14a)
    (cherry picked from commit 74b9c3ea847f060c784e86453f1ad77dd05a7a8f)
    (cherry picked from commit e6a767582942d6fd9da0ddea673f5a7017a365c7)
    (cherry picked from commit fe5e8a1acc7fd877b6706053cf88c418c33fe7a3)
    (cherry picked from commit be8348df6efac6b602f2ad3210139bccf0dbe3d7)
    (cherry picked from commit e3cf00d0a87f025db5855a43a67c67a41fa79fef)
    (cherry picked from commit 8192d4acb5c5376c0f6756f2106ab243036c8c7d)
    (cherry picked from commit 301a0dd68e5ddd22d992a58f466b621987d9df3b)
    (cherry picked from commit 2183b990b67b761f81c68a18f60df028e080cf05)
    (cherry picked from commit 8af94ac66a4d53a96278ecbb9ef2e8592f0d9ba3)
    (cherry picked from commit 256d6a6ac52ee02e897cec88ecc96c3ae7f9cb88)
    (cherry picked from commit 60b215e8b267f911751a043de63181dab1b69706)
    (cherry picked from commit b85caf479b577f000067002259539ad4341d4530)
    (cherry picked from commit 3f92bed3d6c073f41efc0777ecd3442aa1f03d20)
    (cherry picked from commit 6214105460842759020bdd7f4dbb50afa1be9d17)
    (cherry picked from commit c7845bcafe4d2ecd5c479fa64d1b425c21dde17c)
    (cherry picked from commit e45e614e4015a489d2f8013eaed45d498d884e86)
    (cherry picked from commit 248567f79304b953ea492fb92ade097b62ed09b2)
    (cherry picked from commit 6a54d9f9a04ed35e6615a47974c1ef02ff3a62cb)
    (cherry picked from commit c5f855e08a97edc107c4a3b73809ed629c1dcac1)
    (cherry picked from commit 9f637f7936025aef57f247b11036bad18bb87c06)
    (cherry picked from commit c30392ab5bb536fef268c22804dafded15170d14)
    (cherry picked from commit 3108bccb3d9afbd32931d775f5dd5ee157eaa5a9)
    (cherry picked from commit d9fe40916387bab884e458c99399c149b033506c)
    (cherry picked from commit 24e42754f676d34e5c26d6b7b30f36df8004ec08)
    (cherry picked from commit c1be5232d21de68f46637e617225b9b7c586451a)
    (cherry picked from commit 90f1d1b41b70474bf73d07d4300196901cd81718)
    (cherry picked from commit 240ae00e4d834e387f4f09e236130f520e357a70)
    (back ported from commit 4de6580360867d44adecb2d05febed1c8d186c82)
    (cherry picked from commit 0a9b7d59d5a8e2b97406a29a8a807bbc5ce7092e)
    (cherry picked from commit a37a1a428431d3e7e9f53530b5c56ff7867bd487)
    (cherry picked from commit c1c98501121eefa0888a42566ec7233a1626f678)
    (back ported from commit dd5f03beb4f76ae65d76d8c22a8815e424fc607c)
    (cherry picked from commit c9218a9e677856d6647ea82d821f22ccbffc988c)
    (cherry picked from commit f088cbb8d8547a89af258a3223657f9a69b811e4)
    (cherry picked from commit 4942c0b4b64478ff45c3bbf4d40aebd66de0bcc5)
    (cherry picked from commit 2d97436f5b06217beb6c91a0cd0ae0f0d79b61cc)
    (cherry picked from commit 5db5765e255de4072eb0e35facfeafce53af001b)
    (cherry picked from commit 61f78268936e781a104b4ac06b7e47d760800c40)
    (cherry picked from commit 6dcebe614c667fca73aaf0cfbd1e70bc9179538e)
    (cherry picked from commit d1db47c5eed89a1c8b60e780aeadd870bb0d3894)
    (cherry picked from commit af2e2e35a23e4aeecfe4332a7140c81e0f09b7e3)
    (cherry picked from commit 7b85627b9f02f9b0fb2ef5f021807f4251135857)
    (back ported from commit d487ee77740ccf79d7dc1935d4daa77887283028)
    (cherry picked from commit 297e0dad720664dad44baa2cdd13f871979fb58c)
    (cherry picked from commit eb6ab13267be87dcad3e611500b7cb404ed4479c)
    (cherry picked from commit a3a5a82627492c8947d8866ddf421e9248088466)
    (cherry picked from commit dc87a90f5d61d7f01cfb63d92d5eaa27718e5b19)
    (cherry picked from commit 9bd626e79df67b2ba3b0c91a4640ab7bca1af04d)
    (cherry picked from commit 40aca6ffcac57dd9c65877a59a8bbb210c4691ca)
    (cherry picked from commit 37721d8501a9a1fbe87527c24d127a914b29fd7f)
    (cherry picked from commit ed4c54e5b4baf55a7a67a80fa766334855c94854)
    (cherry picked from commit 2f85d24e604c1532723c4b5791816b533baed2c3)
    (cherry picked from commit 990acea616e99355703b503c1e50fb9c7ddff6b9)
    (cherry picked from commit f282651de676d10e395bc7923f0087fbbba12ed7)
    (cherry picked from commit 31ab8acbf6618c89fec77f7706df7daaa319feb5)
    (cherry picked from commit 9392fa06411cf93885c4cafc8058085d98f52fec)
    (cherry picked from commit 27cdef637c25705b433d5c4deeef4cf8dcb75d6a)
    (cherry picked from commit 8ce96afa8239f13bdf5ab35839bac46c103bbedc)
    (cherry picked from commit 6cd28f044b47aeeba91807d97d6f3ea5a048e88d)
    (cherry picked from commit 5462eddd7a78131ccb514d52473625d99769215e)
    (cherry picked from commit 05633102d85b50f35325dfbedafcedd6c5b3264c)
    (cherry picked from commit 437708c44395a11e474fb33b4fd7f29483118e51)
    (cherry picked from commit d9d5713ca628dc211d8b4a1da5fb9e0cfe592b92)
    (cherry picked from commit a384b20e417ae0f5f1f359600b4bdcc34265b256)
    (cherry picked from commit 298589b1cb626adf4beba6dd8e3cd4b64e8799be)
    (cherry picked from commit e08a8761d89b7625144c3fbf0ff9643159135c96)
    (cherry picked from commit 0b6e81b91070bdbe0defb9101384ebb26835e401)
    (cherry picked from commit 042b9adae899e1b497282d92205d3fef42d5ca8d)
    (cherry picked from commit ada388f7afad1e2e87acbfe30600fdaff9bd6327)
    (cherry picked from commit 3bdb31f688276505ede23280885948e934304674)
    (cherry picked from commit bde51583f49bd87e452e9504d489926638046b11)
    (cherry picked from commit db81a5c374b5bd650c5e6ae85d026709751db103)
    (cherry picked from commit 05bdb2ab6b09f2306f0afe0f60f4b9abffa7aba4)
    (cherry picked from commit 9e9c47d07d447e09a66ee528c3ebad9ba359af6a)
    (cherry picked from commit 1bde6e301cf6217da9238086c958f532b16e504d)
    (cherry picked from commit 8c8a49148b95c4d7c5f58a6866a30ea02485d7a3)
    (cherry picked from commit 57761d8df8efc7cc1227f9bc22e0dda01b0dd91b)
    (cherry picked from commit 676687c69697d2081d25afd14ee90937d1fb0c8e)
    (cherry picked from commit 9e65dc371b5c8d7476c81353137efc13cc1bdabd)
    (cherry picked from commit 78c0f98cc9dd46824fa66f35f14ea24ba733d145)
    (cherry picked from commit 1a4c3a3dc5fdeef2a7bdf4ac7d81df58c3c0a51e)
    (cherry picked from commit d07875bd0d1517185534b5f9eef469426ba42cb9)
    (cherry picked from commit ab576627c8f97c08297d81537be17df161171923)
    (cherry picked from commit a80e21b3b2d151d79bb9be42334ab10d40195324)
    (cherry picked from commit 9d8abf45944e4f1c18a04070fc3ed2f3ffcbbcb6)
    (cherry picked from commit 4196670be786d529ab7f6c18f5077141ce1b787e)
    (cherry picked from commit acc4fccf4eff5b29e545995b75de77e60ea44aae)
    (cherry picked from commit 4ce5a5744a2f5479e58c6788cbe3987b8071b62e)
    (cherry picked from commit ddf8bd349115c2bc85a62e3d94018c9976ac72f7)
    (cherry picked from commit 5071456fe244e409adcda7226e5f0b5d1b879fd3)
    (cherry picked from commit ad4885d279b63c65347220236d07669a2f59634b)
    (cherry picked from commit b4a26a27287a7f81933ba016aeed6c69dd155323)
    (cherry picked from commit 0f0132001fd239bb67c1f68436b95cc79de89736)
    (cherry picked from commit 6ecde51dd7894ffe2f959cca1fea3ea2b9ee2394)
    (cherry picked from commit 0861565f501ce3fcea9394d4b98c02b1f6de6b9e)
    (cherry picked from commit f809309a251a13bd97cc189c3fa428782aab9716)
    (cherry picked from commit 7d9eacf9457efc6b614665e1095336c11ad83f0d)
    (cherry picked from commit fd8b48b22a2b7cdf21f15b01cae379e6159a7eea)
    (cherry picked from commit a61d93d92f5c9533898098abb5f187840900aeb5)
    (cherry picked from commit 09de3f1313a30d8a22e488c9a5b96a9560cae96d)
    (cherry picked from commit 99932d4fc03a13bb3e94938fe25458fabc8f2fc3)
    (cherry picked from commit 169a1d85d084edeb0736ad80fe439639ac938dcd)
    (cherry picked from commit 367d56f7b4d5ce61e883c64f81786c7a3ae88eea)
    (cherry picked from commit 57352ef4f5f19969a50d42e84b274287993b576f)
    (cherry picked from commit 97989356af0ec8b1b1658d804892abb354127330)
    (cherry picked from commit 56cb456746a15c1025a178466492ca4c373b1a63)
    (cherry picked from commit 2a2083f7f3568c0192daa6ac0e6fa35d953f47bd)
    (cherry picked from commit 7855bff42ea9938a0853321256f4c8ce3628aa73)
    (cherry picked from commit de123268300fd33b7f7668fda3264059daffa6ef)
    (cherry picked from commit 299603e8370a93dd5d8e8d800f0dff1ce2c53d36)
    (cherry picked from commit bf5a755f5e9186406bbf50f4087100af5bd68e40)
    (cherry picked from commit 600adc18eba823f9fd8ed5fec8b04f11dddf3884)
    (back ported from commit b582ef0990d457f7ce8ccf827af51a575ca0b4a6)
    (cherry picked from commit e27a2f839598e48bb345f9fc86d4d54c3944db50)
    (back ported from commit dc01e7d3447793fd9e4090aa9d50c549848b5a18)
    (cherry picked from commit b5aaab12b2b4bc4acab7384c17a87f3406e5047d)
    (cherry picked from commit 920a0fde5a32fd40b4d3c94ad72f7fc7039db8e3)
    (cherry picked from commit 438e38fadca2f6e57eeecc08326c8a95758594d4)
    (cherry picked from commit 97a5221f56bad2e1c7e8ab55da4ac4748ef59c64)
    (cherry picked from commit 02512482321c531df4abf73943529f8b44d869e2)
    (cherry picked from commit bb2146bc883e86b835e30644757a6d4a649a7ce8)
    (back ported from commit ca9f9f703950e5cb300526549b4f1b0a6605a5c5)
    (cherry picked from commit fd8daa45f2bd9b876e0dbb9503ccc5a5252844f2)
    (cherry picked from commit b97b33a3df0439401f80f041eda507d4fffa0dbf)
    (cherry picked from commit 93591aaa62f89820f4ae0558f01eaf9a359738da)
    (cherry picked from commit 15bffdffccb3204eb1e993f60eee65c439a03136)
    (cherry picked from commit 9813337a4b16ea5b1701b1d00f7e410f5decdfa5)
    (cherry picked from commit 313c2d375b1c9b648d9d4b96ec1b8185ac6a78c5)
    (cherry picked from commit 28d222bbaa5122fb4bb0e607e39ab149a010e587)
    (cherry picked from commit ec5709403e6893acb4f7ca40514ebd29c3116836)
    (cherry picked from commit 9717218bb2982f5f214d84473c70542f1e42bfd7)
    (cherry picked from commit d0ceebd7508d5bf6e81367640959aef7e0de4947)
    (cherry picked from commit c120e9e03090b4f9578ca38ef4250ff3805b6e3f)
    (cherry picked from commit 6ee51a4e866bbb0921180b457ed16cd172859346)
    (cherry picked from commit 9cd593529c8652785bc9962acc79b6b176741f99)
    (cherry picked from commit b6ffaeffaea4d92f05f5ba1ef54df407cb7c8517)
    (cherry picked from commit 2f5bb473681b88819a9de28ac3a47e7737815a92)
    (cherry picked from commit 5ea8bbfc49291b7e23161fe4de0bf3e4a4e34b18)
    (cherry picked from commit ceb5433b3a54979216d794e45147d25c24c94999)
    (cherry picked from commit aa9a2d51a3e70b15a898bec7dde3ce5726fec641)
    (cherry picked from commit e81f44b66b456a7dcfbdeffeb355458cd6a58973)
    (cherry picked from commit 7a2cea2aaae2d5eb5c00c49c52180c7c2c66130a)
    (cherry picked from commit 05eb23893c2cf9502a9cec0c32e7f1d1ed2895c8)
    (cherry picked from commit 38be0a347c91133843474e12baacd252d0fd1c30)
    (cherry picked from commit 82373701be26b893eaf7372db0af84235a51998a)
    (cherry picked from commit 1ab95d37bcc3ff2d69e3871e4f056bab7aed0b85)
    (cherry picked from commit f74462acf8f390528c8b7937f227c6c90d017f3b)
    (cherry picked from commit 449fc48866f7d84b0d9a19201de18a4dd4d3488c)
    (cherry picked from commit dd41cc3bb90efd455df514899a5d3cf245182eb1)
    (cherry picked from commit e471b40321a94f07d13b8a9e4b064885cf08835d)
    (cherry picked from commit bfd2793c9559ae73ae021797f1d4b097c27f24be)
    (cherry picked from commit b74757944d69f8cd7de5284fc7e8649d965361ab)
    (cherry picked from commit d18f141a1a7cfa5ffad8433e43062b05a8d1b82a)
    (cherry picked from commit 1b136de120dda625109f2afe1e3d04e256be9ec1)
    (cherry picked from commit a66132f3eb514f42c49a3e8f57aab2ccd0360f06)

  * mlx4_core: Roll back round robin bitmap allocation commit for CQs, SRQs, and MPTs
  * net/mlx4_core: Remove zeroed out of explicit QUERY_FUNC_CAP fields
  * net/mlx4_core: Rename QUERY_FUNC_CAP fields
  * net/mlx4_core: Introduce nic_info new flag in QUERY_FUNC_CAP
  * net/mlx4_core: Expose physical port id as PF/VF capability
  * net/mlx4_en: Implement ndo_get_phys_port_id
  * net/mlx4_en: Configure the XPS queue mapping on driver load
  * net/mlx4_core: Set CQE/EQE size to 64B by default
  * net/mlx4_en: Ignore irrelevant hypervisor events
  * net/mlx4_en: Add NAPI support for transmit side
  * net/mlx4_core: Check port number for validity before accessing data
  * infiniband: slight optimization of addr compare
  * net/mlx4_core: Add basic support for TCP/IP offloads under tunneling
  * net/mlx4_en: Add netdev support for TCP/IP offloads of vxlan tunneling
  * net: mlx4: slight optimization of addr compare
  * mlx4_en: Add PTP hardware clock
  * mlx4_en: Only cycle port if HW timestamp config changes
  * net/mlx4_core: Warn if device doesn't have enough PCI bandwidth
  * net/mlx4_en: fix error return code in mlx4_en_get_qp()
  * mlx4_en: Select PTP_1588_CLOCK
  * net/mlx4_en: call gro handler for encapsulated frames
  * RDMA/ocrdma: Fix AV_VALID bit position
  * RDMA/ocrdma: Fix OCRDMA_GEN2_FAMILY macro definition
  * IB/usnic: Add Cisco VIC low-level hardware driver
  * IB/usnic: Change WARN_ON to lockdep_assert_held
  * IB/usnic: Add struct usnic_transport_spec
  * IB/usnic: Push all forwarding state to usnic_fwd.[hc]
  * IB/usnic: Port over main.c and verbs.c to the usnic_fwd.h
  * IB/usnic: Port over usnic_ib_qp_grp.[hc] to new usnic_fwd.h
  * IB/usnic: Port over sysfs to new usnic_fwd.h
  * IB/usnic: Update ABI and Version file for UDP support
  * IB/usnic: Add UDP support to usnic_fwd.[hc]
  * IB:usnic: Add UDP support to usnic_transport.[hc]
  * IB/usnic: Add UDP support in u*verbs.c, u*main.c and u*util.h
  * IB/usnic: Add UDP support in usnic_ib_qp_grp.[hc]
  * IB/usnic: Remove superflous parentheses
  * IB/usnic: Use for_each_sg instead of a for-loop
  * IB/usnic: Expose flows via debugfs
  * IB/usnic: Fix typo "Ignorning" -> "Ignoring"
  * IB/usnic: Append documentation to usnic_transport.h and cleanup
  * IB/mlx5: Remove unused code in mr.c
  * mlx5_core: Remove dead code
  * IB/mlx5: Fix micro UAR allocator
  * IB/core: Add flow steering support for IPoIB UD traffic
  * IB/core: Add support for IB L2 device-managed steering
  * mlx4_core: Add support for steerable IB UD QPs
  * IB/mlx4: Enable device-managed steering support for IB ports too
  * IB/mlx4: Add mechanism to support flow steering over IB links
  * IB/mlx4: Add support for steerable IB UD QPs
  * IB/core: Ethernet L2 attributes in verbs/cm structures
  * net/mlx4_core: clean up cq_res_start_move_to()
  * net/mlx4_core: clean up srq_res_start_move_to()
  * IB/usnic: Fix endianness-related warnings
  * IB/usnic: Add dependency on CONFIG_INET
  * IB/core: Add support for RDMA_NODE_USNIC_UDP
  * IB/usnic: Advertise usNIC devices as RDMA_NODE_USNIC_UDP
  * IB/usnic: Set userspace/kernel ABI ver to 4
  * IB/usnic: Remove unused variable in usnic_debugfs_exit()
  * IB/mlx4: Fix error return code
  * IB/cma: IBoE (RoCE) IP-based GID addressing
  * IB/mlx4: Use IBoE (RoCE) IP based GIDs in the port GID table
  * IB/mlx4: Handle Ethernet L2 parameters for IP based GID addressing
  * IB/isert: seperate connection protection domains and dma MRs
  * IB/isert: Avoid frwr notation, user fastreg
  * IB/isert: Move fastreg descriptor creation to a function
  * IB/isert: pass scatterlist instead of cmd to fast_reg_mr routine
  * RDMA/ocrdma: Handle Ethernet L2 parameters for IP based GID addressing
  * RDMA/ocrdma: Populate GID table with IP based gids
  * IB/core: Resolve Ethernet L2 addresses when modifying QP
  * IB/core: Make ib_addr a core IB module
  * IB/cm: Fix missing unlock on error in cm_init_qp_rtr_attr()
  * IB/mlx4: Add dependency INET
  * RDMA/ocrdma: Move ocrdma_inetaddr_event outside of "#if CONFIG_IPV6"
  * RDMA/ocrdma: Add dependency on INET
  * IB/usnic: Use GFP_ATOMIC under spinlock
  * net/mlx4_core: Remove unnecessary validation for port number
  * RDMA/cma: Handle global/non-linklocal IPv6 addresses in cma_check_linklocal()
  * IB/core: Fix unused variable warning
  * IPoIB: Report operstate consistently when brought up without a link
  * RDMA/amso1100: Add check if cache memory was allocated before freeing it
  * IB/usnic: Remove unused includes of <linux/version.h>
  * RDMA/cxgb4: Fix gcc warning on 32-bit arch
  * mlx5_core: Fix out arg size in access_register command
  * IB/mlx5: Clear out struct before create QP command
  * mlx5_core: Use mlx5 core style warning
  * IB/mlx5: Make sure doorbell record is visible before doorbell
  * IB/mlx5: Implement modify CQ
  * IB/mlx5: Add support for resize CQ
  * mlx5_core: Improve debugfs readability
  * mlx5_core: Fix PowerPC support
  * IB/mlx5: Allow creation of QPs with zero-length work queues
  * IB/mlx5: Abort driver cleanup if teardown hca fails
  * IB/mlx5: Remove old field for create mkey mailbox
  * IB/mlx5: Verify reserved fields are cleared
  * iscsi-target: Convert gfp_t parameter to task state bitmask
  * IB/mlx5: Fix RC transport send queue overhead computation
  * IB/mlx5: Fix binary compatibility with libmlx5
  * IB/mlx5: Don't set "block multicast loopback" capability
  * RDMA/nes: Fix error return code
  * RDMA/amso1100: Fix error return code
  * iser-target: Fix leak on failure in isert_conn_create_fastreg_pool
  * IB/srpt: replace strict_strtoul() with kstrtoul()
  * IB/mlx4: Don't allocate range of steerable UD QPs for Ethernet-only device
  * IB/mlx4: Make sure GID index 0 is always occupied
  * IB/mlx4: Move rtnl locking to the right place
  * IB/mlx4: Do IBoE locking earlier when initializing the GID table
  * IB/mlx4: Do IBoE GID table resets per-port
  * IB/mlx4: Build the port IBoE GID table properly under bonding
  * IB: Report using RoCE IP based gids in port caps
  * RDMA/cxgb4: Add missing neigh_release in LE-Workaround path
  * mlx5: Add include of <linux/slab.h> because of kzalloc()/kfree() use
  * IB/mlx5: Remove dependency on X86
  * IB/usnic: Fix smatch endianness error
  * IB/iser: Avoid dereferencing iscsi_iser conn object when not bound to iser connection
  * IB/iser: Fix use after free in iser_snd_completion()
  * RDMA/ocrdma: Fix traffic class shift
  * RDMA/ocrdma: Fix load time panic during GID table init
  * netdevice: add queue selection fallback handler for ndo_select_queue
  * net,IB/mlx: Bump all Mellanox driver versions
  * net/mlx4: Support shutdown() interface
  * net/mlx4_core: Fix memory access error in mlx4_QUERY_DEV_CAP_wrapper()
  * net/mlx4_core: mlx4_init_slave() shouldn't access comm channel before PF is ready
  * net/mlx4_core: Fix wrong dump of the vxlan offloads device capability
  * net/mlx4_en: Handle vxlan steering rules for mac address changes
  * net/mlx4_core: Load the IB driver when the device supports IBoE
  * net/mlx4_en: Deregister multicast vxlan steering rules when going down
  * net-gro: Prepare GRO stack for the upcoming tunneling support
  * net-gre-gro: Add GRE support to the GRO stack
  * net: gro: change GRO overflow strategy
  * net: Add GRO support for UDP encapsulating protocols
  * net: Export gro_find_by_type helpers
  * net: Add GRO support for vxlan traffic
  * net/udp_offload: Handle static checker complaints
  * net/ipv4: Use non-atomic allocation of udp offloads structure instance
  * net/vxlan: Go over all candidate streams for GRO matching
  * gre_offload: statically build GRE offloading support
  * net/mlx4_core: pass pci_device_id.driver_data to __mlx4_init_one during reset
  * net/mlx4: Set number of RX rings in a utility function
  * net/mlx4: Fix limiting number of IRQ's instead of RSS queues
  * net/mlx4_en: Fix bad use of dev_id
  * net/mlx4_en: Fix UP limit in ieee_ets->prio_tc
  * net/mlx4_en: Verify mlx4_en module parameters
  * net/mlx4_en: Pad ethernet packets smaller than 17 bytes
  * net/mlx4_en: Move queue stopped/waked counters to be per ring
  * net/mlx4: Replace mlx4_en_mac_to_u64() with mlx4_mac_to_u64()
  * net/mlx4_en: Fix selftest failing on non 10G link speed
  * net/mlx4_core: Fix sparse warning
  * net/mlx4_en: Use union for BlueFlame WQE
  * net/mlx4_en: Change Connect-X description in kconfig
  * net/mlx4_en: mlx4_en_verify_params() can be static
  * IB/mlx5_core: remove unreachable function call in module init
  * mlx4: Adjust QP1 multiplexing for RoCE/SRIOV
  * mlx4_core: For RoCE, allow slaves to set the GID entry at that slave's index
  * mlx4: In RoCE allow guests to have multiple GIDS
  * mlx4: Add ref counting to port MAC table for RoCE
  * mlx4: Implement IP based gids support for RoCE/SRIOV
  * mlx4_ib: Fix SIDR support of for UD QPs under SRIOV/RoCE
  * mlx4: Activate RoCE/SRIOV
  * mlx4: Call dev_kfree_skby_any instead of dev_kfree_skb.
  * cxgb4/iw_cxgb4: Treat CPL_ERR_KEEPALV_NEG_ADVICE as negative advice
  * cxgb4/iw_cxgb4: Doorbell Drop Avoidance Bug Fixes
  * mlx4: Don't receive packets when the napi budget == 0
  * IB/mlx4_ib: Adapt code to use caps.num_ports instead of a constant
  * net/mlx4: Add data structures to support N-Ports per VF
  * net/mlx4: Add utils for N-Port VFs
  * net/mlx4: Adapt code for N-Port VF
  * net/mlx4: Adapt num_vfs/probed_vf params for single port VF
  * mlx4: Use actual number of PCI functions (PF + VFs) for alias GUID logic
  * RDMA/cxgb4: set error code on kmalloc() failure
  * net/mlx4: USe one wrapper that returns -EPERM
  * mlx4: Add support for CONFIG_DEV command
  * net/mlx4: Implement vxlan ndo calls
  * net/mlx4: Set proper build dependancy with vxlan

  [ Wen-chien Jesse Sung ]

  * SAUCE: Bluetooth: Give restart command more time to complete its job
    - LP: #1301908
 -- Tim Gardner <tim.gardner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>   Thu, 03 Apr 2014 06:06:15 -0600

** Changed in: linux (Ubuntu Trusty)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

You received this bug notification because you are a member of Kernel
Packages, which is subscribed to linux in Ubuntu.

  some broadcom bluetooth modules need longer time to restart

Status in “linux” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in “linux” source package in Saucy:
  Fix Committed
Status in “linux” source package in Trusty:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  It is found that some broadcom modules need more time to complete
  restart command (at least for 0a5c:216c).

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