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[Bug 1039888] [NEW] Acer Aspire One freezes on Kubuntu 12.04 boot


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According to the X Freeze Troubleshooting documentation "It's best to
file a new bug report rather than joining onto someone else's", so here
it goes:

I have installed Kubuntu 12.04 from USB on an Acer Aspire One. After
installation, the computer freezes on boot after logging in the user.

The CD and USB are still with me, however at this moment the computer is
remote (I installed it for someone who had to leave, please mind this
while answering, as I will have to guide this person remotely, who knows
little about operating systems etc.).

Since the computer is remote, I have not the possibility right now to "Reproduce the freeze, and with your system frozen ssh into it (over ethernet) and collect:
 * dmesg > dmesg.txt
 * /var/log/Xorg.0.log
 * /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_error_state [Intel graphics only] 

Would you please instruct me on "ssh"-ing into the frozen system?

Q: Have I experienced just one lockup, or have you had a series of these lockups?
A: I have experienced a series of lockups.

Q: If you've had several, how often does it occur? Every few hours? Once or twice a day? Couple times a week? 
A: At every single boot after logging in.

Q: When did you first notice it?
A: Right after installation.

Q: Under what conditions does it seem most likely to reproduce?
A: Only at boot time, I cannot pass the splash screen.

Do you need more information? Please help, I've messed up my friend's
computer trying to promote Ubuntu. I hope I can fix this rapidly so this
person can go back to work.

PS: thanks for all your work on Ubuntu / Kubuntu!

** Affects: linux (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Low
         Status: Incomplete

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Acer Aspire One freezes on Kubuntu 12.04 boot
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