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[Bug 1382801] Re: XFS: mount hangs for corrupted filesystem


Following situation might be the same one we are facing here:


Where XFS is hang on umount (part of the mount stack trace when 
filesystem is corrupted). It looks like upstream developers did not 
go further with the investigation (May 2014) with the following 
comment (after a trace output):

What is happening is that the inodes in the buffer are already
marked as "being flushed" and hence the AIL does not push the inode
buffer again, and hence the IO completion callbacks on the buffer
that will remove the inodes from the AIL are never called. Not sure
how to fix this one yet....

I'm expecting trace outputs from user so I can confirm we are
facing the same situation for this BUG.

Thank you

Rafael Tinoco

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  XFS: mount hangs for corrupted filesystem

Status in linux package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  It was brought to my attention this situation:

  mount hangs at the following stack:
  crash> bt 2882
  PID: 2882 TASK: ffff88084e75c800 CPU: 7 COMMAND: "mount"
  #0 [ffff880036a73b38] schedule at ffffffff8175e320
  #1 [ffff880036a73bc0] xfs_ail_push_all_sync at ffffffffa02e5478 [xfs]
  #2 [ffff880036a73c30] xfs_log_quiesce at ffffffffa02e0b67 [xfs]
  #3 [ffff880036a73c50] xfs_log_unmount at ffffffffa02e0bb6 [xfs]
  #4 [ffff880036a73c70] xfs_mountfs at ffffffffa029332a [xfs]
  #5 [ffff880036a73ce0] xfs_fs_fill_super at ffffffffa0296707 [xfs]
  #6 [ffff880036a73d20] mount_bdev at ffffffff811cd4a9
  #7 [ffff880036a73db0] xfs_fs_mount at ffffffffa02946f5 [xfs]
  #8 [ffff880036a73dc0] mount_fs at ffffffff811ce123
  #9 [ffff880036a73e10] vfs_kern_mount at ffffffff811e9bf6
  #10 [ffff880036a73e60] do_new_mount at ffffffff811eb3a4
  #11 [ffff880036a73ec0] do_mount at ffffffff811ec706
  #12 [ffff880036a73f20] sys_mount at ffffffff811ecad0
  #13 [ffff880036a73f80] system_call_fastpath at ffffffff8176ae2d
  RIP: 00007f2340eb6c2a RSP: 00007fff25675368 RFLAGS: 00010206
  RAX: 00000000000000a5 RBX: ffffffff8176ae2d RCX: 0000000000000026
  RDX: 0000000000b04c20 RSI: 0000000000b04bf0 RDI: 0000000000b04bd0
  RBP: 00000000c0ed0400 R8: 0000000000b04c70 R9: 0000000000000001
  R10: ffffffffc0ed0400 R11: 0000000000000202 R12: 0000000000b04bf0
  R13: 0000000000b04b50 R14: 0000000000000400 R15: 0000000000000000
  ORIG_RAX: 00000000000000a5 CS: 0033 SS: 002b

  The corresponding disk is /dev/sdd1, any IO (xfs_check, etc) also
  hangs and had "D" state.

  This reproducible with 3.11 and 3.13 kernel both.

  The storage node is out of service because of this problem

  I'm still asking for more data (sosreport and kernel dump).

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