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[Bug 670483] Re: IR updates for Maverick


maverick has seen the end of its life and is no longer receiving any
updates. Marking the maverick task for this ticket as "Won't Fix".

** Changed in: linux-meta (Ubuntu Maverick)
       Status: In Progress => Won't Fix

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  IR updates for Maverick

Status in linux-backports-modules-2.6.35 package in Ubuntu:
Status in linux-meta package in Ubuntu:
Status in linux-backports-modules-2.6.35 source package in Maverick:
  Fix Released
Status in linux-meta source package in Maverick:
  Won't Fix

Bug description:
  SRU Justification:

  Per the following discussion on the Ubuntu kernel team mailing list:


  It's been requested/suggested that we pull in some additional ir-core
  updates.  Highlights of these updates include:

   * proper auto-config of another imon 0xffdc device
   * imon key release fixups (was possible for keys to get stuck down)
   * lirc_ene0100 replaced with ene_ir (ported to ir-core)
   * new nuvoton (ASRock ION 330HT) ir driver
   * lirc compat ioctl fixups so 64-bit kernel, 32-bit userspace works


  All of the proposed changes have officially landed upstream.  However,
  due to the large amount of changes which specifically touch the IR
  subsystem, it's proposed we release this via linux-backports-modules.
  A summary of the complete patch set is as follows:

   * Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: ir-core: Fix null dereferences in the protocols sysfs interface"
   * V4L/DVB: mceusb: add two new ASUS device IDs
   * V4L/DVB: dib0700: break keytable into NEC and RC-5 variants
   * V4L/DVB: IR: Kconfig fixes
   * V4L/DVB: IR: minor fixes
   * V4L/DVB: IR: replace spinlock with mutex
   * V4L/DVB: IR: replace workqueue with kthread
   * V4L/DVB: ir-core: Remove magic numbers at the sysfs logic
   * V4L/DVB: ir-core: Rename sysfs protocols nomenclature to rc-5 and rc-6
   * V4L/DVB: ir-core: Add support for disabling all protocols
   * V4L/DVB: ir-core: allow specifying multiple protocols at one open/write
   * V4L/DVB: IR: add ir-core to lirc userspace decoder bridge driver
   * V4L/DVB: IR: Allow not to compile keymaps in
   * V4L/DVB: ir-core: Fix null dereferences in the protocols sysfs interface
   * V4L/DVB: IR/streamzap: functional in-kernel decoding
   * [media] ir: avoid race conditions at device disconnect
   * V4L/DVB: IR: add helper function for hardware with small o/b buffer
   * V4L/DVB: IR: extend interfaces to support more device settings
   * V4L/DVB: IR: report unknown scancodes the in-kernel decoders found
   * V4L/DVB: IR: JVC: make repeat work
   * V4L/DVB: IR: nec decoder: fix repeat
   * V4L/DVB: IR: NECX: support repeat
   * V4L/DVB: drivers/media: Remove unnecessary casts of private_data
   * V4L/DVB: STAGING: remove lirc_ene0100 driver
   * V4L/DVB: IR: Port ene driver to new IR subsystem and enable it
   * V4L/DVB: IR: fix duty cycle capability
   * V4L/DVB: IR: fix keys beeing stuck down forever
   * V4L/DVB: IR: extend MCE keymap
   * IR: add driver for Nuvoton w836x7hg integrated CIR
   * nuvoton-cir: add proper rx fifo overrun handling
   * IR/Kconfig: sort hardware entries alphabetically
   * V4L/DVB: IR: export ir_keyup so imon driver can use it directly
   * V4L/DVB: imon: split mouse events to a separate input dev
   * V4L/DVB: IR/imon: protect ictx's kc and last_keycode w/spinlock
   * V4L/DVB: IR/imon: set up mce-only devices w/mce keytable
   * V4L/DVB: IR/lirc_dev: check for valid irctl in unregister path
   * IR/lirc: further ioctl portability fixups
   * lirc: wire up .compat_ioctl to main ioctl handler
   * lirc_dev: fixup error messages w/missing newlines
   * V4L/DVB: rc-core: increase repeat time
   * V4L/DVB: Fix IR_CORE dependencies
   * V4L/DVB: IR/lirc: use memdup_user instead of copy_from_user
   * V4L/DVB: media/IR: testing the wrong variable
   * V4L/DVB: media/IR: nec-decoder needs to select BITREV
   * V4L/DVB: IR keymap: Add print button for HP OEM version of MCE remote
   * UBUNTU: SAUCE: update streamzap support from upstream
   * V4L/DVB: IR/mceusb: less generic callback name and remove cruft
   * [media] lirc: Make struct file_operations pointer const

  Test Case: TBD

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