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6/21/2010 Keryx Development Meeting


This was a somewhat slower week than last in development. Still, the
TODO list is getting shorter. Following Chris's threading tutorials, I
managed to completely knock off one TODO item:

* Have pulsing progress window appear while project is loading.

Another I worked on, but have not completely finished, is the download
dialog, so I'll categorize these TODO items under partially finished.

* Add threaded download dialog that shows progress of each threaded
download (and total progress?).
* Implement loading index files from Internet.
* Implement downloading package files.

And here is what still remains to be done:

* Add Preferences dialog that persists changes.
* Fix icon trouble with main window, progressbar.
* Implement install dialog.

As usual, the latest code can be found here:
To branch it with bzr, use lp:~mac9416/keryx/unstable

We'll discuss the changes and how to tackle what remains tomorrow.

The place to be is #keryx (irc.freenode.net) and the time to be there
is 0000 UTC (8:00PM Eastern, 7:00 Central).

I'll see you then!