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Profiles Website Idea


I had this idea and wanted to gauge interest in it. Right now it's quite a
pain for us to create new profiles. Not always do us as developers upgrade
to the latest Ubuntu, and we certainly do not have copies of every version
or other distros like Debian and Linux Mint.

Taking this into consideration, I would like to propose a profile submission
site for the Keryx community. The site would be simply as follows:

- Give an example of how to create a new profile for common distros (this
can be applied indirectly to other apt based distros)
- Provide default profiles for other people to use
- Allow users to submit their own profiles so that people do not have to
wait on us developers to post them
- Votes can be cast upon submitted profiles along with comments regarding
them. This allows the community to keep track of which profiles possibly
were incorrectly created and we could avoid them

Keryx 1.1 could provide download access to "verified" profiles from its
interface. After a profile has gotten good reviews or has been verified by a
moderator, it would be put on a list that would show up in the Keryx home
tab. This way we can make sure to keep a high level of quality for profiles
while still letting the community help us out doing things.

What do you think? I hope I explained the idea clearly enough but feel free
to ask questions because I'm sure I missed something important that I wanted
to convey.

(Cross posted to the blog)

Chris Oliver

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