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Profile Downloading


So...I have been waiting for this for quite a while...
http://profiles.keryxproject.org is now ready (as much as it can be I

The latest deb package that is building on Launchpad has support for
downloading from this website and using them as profiles. This way we don't
have to keep uploading things on our own, and we can provide a smooth
service for users.

Files on the profiles site are hosted on my Amazon S3 account, which is free
to an extent, and pretty cheap past that. I think I'll be formally asking
for donations (shamelessly, since that's the only thing that keeps this
going) or see if we can get sponsored by Canonical. Who knows.

I do need to add some tips to the Add New Profile section so that people
know HOW to use this site, but for now, we can populate it ourselves, and
when we do the official launch, we can look super awesome. :P

Let me know how things work for you.

Chris Oliver

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