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[Question #697063]: keryx won't launch in UbuntuStudio 20.04. Access denied.


New question #697063 on Keryx:

Windows 10. I unzipped Keryx to a thumb drive.  Then I plugged the drive into my UbuntuStudio 20.04 machine to create a project. I double clicked the icon of the Linux exec file after adding it the x privilege. Nothing happened. I then tried to launch it from the console with ./keryx. Nothing either. Then, I called up keryx's ACL and the rw priviledges were there but not the x. I repeated the +x command, no change in the ACL. All operations were denied. Switched to root. No change, same denials. 

I then searched the WEB but got only 10+ years forum comments about issues, none tied in with privileges though and they'd have been obsolete anyway.  So, no dice. In Windows I got it working just by double clicking the .exe file. But I don't need it for Windows. Why is Windows always smooth (I used to be an administrator), but in Linux I am always hitting a very high wall with just about everything? "You need this or that dependent. I get it. Then you need this or that dependent of the dependent, etc., etc. But no, you also need python..." This is why I abandoned Linux after trying it time and time again. Now I am at it again, and experiencing the same thing. Linux is 30 year old. I was expecting that the dependency problems would have been resolved. 

Please enlighten me, I am sincerely trying.

Yours, John.

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