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Re: [Question #697063]: keryx won't launch in UbuntuStudio 20.04. Access denied.


Question #697063 on Keryx changed:

    Status: Needs information => Open

john sylvanis gave more information on the question:
OK, here it is:

1. I have 2 multiboot computers. First is a laptop with Ubuntu 21.04 and
Win7 v6.1.7601, service pack 1, #7601. Second, a desktop, same arrangement,
dual boot, Ubuntu 21.04 and Win7 same version as above.

2. I need to download software packages with their dependencies onto the
laptop, WITHOUT installing it. The software downloaded would be transferred
via thumbnail drive to the desktop where it would be installed into Ubuntu.
I'd transfer the software via a network but to install and configure
networks in Linux (excuse me for the following) is a nightmare. It's like
back to DOS and Novell, though Novell wasn't all that bad.

3. For the purpose, I tried every version of Keryx that I could come across
on both OSs because the author said it was working on both OSs. May have in
the past, but today seems it's wishful thinking. I did everything to my
power to make it work, but no dice. This is when I wrote to the forum and
you answered and been so patient and understanding. I mention again, that
the LAPTOP is used for downloading WITHOUT installation and the desktop for

4. Yeah, the dependencies may be obsolete, but where are the more current
ones when the obsolete ones are on the maintainers' web page? And, for that
matter, why don't authors package dependencies with their main program? I
looked for dependencies on a repository and they were close to 60 (if not
more) but I have no idea where that web page was; I looked for them on so
many pages that my limited memory fails me.

So, this is it. I hope I answered your questions.

Please let me know if anything I wrote was inept or unclear.

Thank you again, yours, John.

On Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 3:35 AM Manfred Hampl <
question697063@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Your question #697063 on Keryx changed:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/keryx/+question/697063
>     Status: Open => Needs information
> Manfred Hampl requested more information:
> You are right, going through the list of files that you can download on
> https://launchpad.net/keryx I see some files that have "dependencies" in
> their file name, but they are more than ten years old and I assume that
> they are obsolete. You will most probably need higher versions of these
> packages (to be downloaded from elsewhere).
> I suggest that we re-start from the beginning and proceed step by step.
> Please answer the following questions:
> 1. What is the target?
> I understand that you have one Ubuntu system (which release?) without
> internet connection, and you want to install certain software on it (which
> one?)
> 2. Which system do you want to use for downloading?
> You write about a windows system and a laptop with internet connection
> that you want to use. Which Operating system (including release number ) is
> it?
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