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On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 04:09:11PM -0000, ingedbonilla wrote:
> I am kind of new to coding in Linux Systems. I will like to know what 
> you use for Development environment.

I use Debian GNU/Linux with GNU compilers and development
helpers such as automake, autoconf, scons, cvs, subversion,
mercurial (hg), bison, flex, nasm, gdb, grep, nm, objdump, ldd,
ld, all of this sort of standard stuff. For editors I use vi.
I usually just open a bunch of terminals from the source code
directory and have some doing grep's or make. Another doing gdb
and another doing python for my calculator and such. I don't
really think anyone uses the same setup. For each programmer
there is a development environment which matches their own

> I will like to follow what more experience people use for coding and 
> debugging. 

I use Python when at all possible. ;-) Just now starting to
learn Haskell... anything interpreted. I also enjoy dabbling in

> If you can send any suggestions, it will be really appreciated. I will 
> prefer to use a GPL that runs well under Mandrake.

I mostly use vim or gvim (GUI) and then I use Bryan's scons
patch since it builds much more cleanly than the current GNU
make setup. For the compiler I have chosen gcc 3.3.x rather
than 2.95 or 4.x since it seems to work the best with the
sources. For g++ (C++ compiler) I am using version 4.0.2 since
it's available in Debian. I can't remember which compiler is in
Mandrake 10.2 or whichever you are using. I imagine it will
work fine.

Sometimes I use Visual SlickEdit's IDE to dig through the
classes since it's usually more accurate towards what I am
looking for than a generic grep through the filesystem. I
haven't used an IDE in a long time aside from this just recently
since it handles C++ well. I've heard good things about anjuta.

For a debugger I use gdb in the commandline. Although I haven't
yet had the need for a debugger or profiler with kicad. If you
like a GUI the data display debugger (ddd) seems to work the
last time I used it (2001).

Something like the following should get you started, assuming
the development tools are in place:

$ svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/kicad/trunk
$ cd trunk && make -f make_static.linux

Or to use the method Bryan and I are using:

$ svn co svn://svn.berlios.de/kicad/branches/bokeoa-scons/
$ cd bokeoa-scons && scons

Here's some resources for Mandrake:


You should be able to find all the packages that aren't in
Mandrake on rpmfind. Hope that helps some? :) Hrm... I need
coffee... *yawn* Snow! :D


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