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Patch: Keyboard shortcut for "Drag Mode"


RFE: In eeschema, make it easier to switch from "block move" mode to "block drag" mode.

Justification: I find that I use drag mode much more than move mode. In fact, most of the times that I do use move mode, the block is not connected around the edges, so drag mode would work there too. Switching to drag mode with the mouse requires too much careful mouse activity compared to the frequency of its use. It is difficult to remember to press the control key before selecting the block.

Solution: Add a keyboard shortcut so that the Tab key is equivalent to RightMouse>DragBlock.

An even better solution would be to make Drag the default instead of Move.


*** c:/kicad-dev/eeschema/controle.cpp~ Mon Dec 5 09:47:52 2005
--- c:/kicad-dev/eeschema/controle.cpp Mon Apr 3 08:03:50 2006
*** 228,233 ****
--- 228,238 ----
m_CurrentScreen->m_O_Curseur = m_CurrentScreen->m_Curseur;

+ case '\t': // Switch to drag mode
+ m_CurrentScreen->m_O_Curseur = m_CurrentScreen->m_Curseur;
+ ((WinEDA_SchematicFrame*)this)->HandleBlockEndByPopUp(BLOCK_DRAG, DC);
+ break;
case WXK_NUMPAD8 : /* Deplacement curseur vers le haut */
case WXK_UP :
Mouse.y -= delta.y;

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