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Re: Python stuff.


Hi David,

What features and benefits will this introduce from a users
perspective, can someone give a quick overview.

Well, that's easy, when the python binding will be done, you will be able to do anything the mouse or keyboard can, but with script... For instance, you will be able to make boring and repetitive things into a simple script ... (creating a footprint with square dimensions, generating special documentation or production files, adding exporters/importers ... ...)

For now, only the project editor has binding, (and I will firs t focus to make it stable). You can manage context menus, menus, anything in the interface, add new gui widgets, shortcuts ... For instance, I am working to add a svn integration plugin entirely written in python (which will give kicad a tortoise svn look and feel). (This script is intended to be a demo of what can be done). Possibilities are limitless, since you could even rewrite all kicad with Python if you wished.

As yet I don't know anything about Python, but I'm willing to learn how
to use it if it makes Kicad even more powerful.

It's a pretty simple language, I learned it while making this binding :)