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Re: Subversion Repository (ATTN: Jean-Pierre)


On Sat, Jun 09, 2007 at 05:01:39AM -0000, Dick H. wrote:
>If Jean-Pierre wants to keep control of his source tree separate from
>the subversion repository, then we can merge his changes into our
>tree. Call it what you want, fork, master, trailer, hairy bush,
>oatmeal, or spoon.

I think I can add some comments to this conversation that might help us
find the best solution. I currently run the KiCad wiki and also set up
this developer mailing list in the hope that more people would become
interested in the project (which it seems to have done.)

I don't believe Jean-Pierre likes to use a revision control system
himself. I set up the Berlios site about a year and a half ago and
while I was able to get him to register as a developer, he never
contributed to the subversion repository there...


Since there seems to be new interest building a development community
around KiCad, I think we should first start by closing down one or the
other of these sites to not confuse people (either one, I don't care).
Then there should be "community edition" releases of KiCad for the
people that want the new features but don't want to learn/use
subversion. Maybe base the version off Jean-Pierre's version numbers
(something like '2007-05-25 CE1') or start with a more normal versioning
scheme (1.0).

While this solution would technically be a fork, it would spur
development in KiCad which would only be beneficial to us all. The only
problem would be if the trees start diverging from each other too much,
but I don't think any of us really want that.

Jean-Pierre: Any thoughts?


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