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Re: Re: Subversion Repository (ATTN: Jean-Pierre)


> Jean-Pierre: Any thoughts?

Yes, my problem is I have a ** lot** of work, and currently I can't
spend the necessary time to learn and use a revision control system.
I hope it will change someday...

Hi all,

I'm just a lurk who's going to jump into kicad soon and for me that really counts if this project is held under a revision control system.

With very little effort, you will quickly be acquainted with the basic and most useful svn commands. It takes a bit of extra time to make commits and updates, mostly because it requires a bit of rigor to do them well. But that pays off nearly immediately as the project development improves in clarity and you soon won't be able to live without the logs and diffs, that will make you save a lot of time. You can then slowly learn new features as you feel the need for it.

I personally even use svn for projects I'm the only developer, that's a drug ;-) We have a community project here and the main developer comes from the windows world and has always been a solitary programmer. He's not used to SVN and its spirit and that makes it very hard for him and the community to work together.

btw, is there any plans to get a check-ins mailing-list? GMANE is also a great newsgroup interface to mailing lists and it would be interesting to use it too.

Anyway, thanks for what really looks like a great product and I'm going to give it a try soon.
David Bourgeois

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