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Re: hotkeys.cpp + multiple via drills


Hi Dick,
yea sure tell me (and the rest of the list) what you think
I'm sort of a get-it-working first kinda guy; as i wrote, I'm not super happy with control keys in hotkeys.cpp

also, i guess we might want to decide on things like
hi there;
or this
hello again;
(I prefer the first, but I used to like the second)
and tabs/spaces (tabs!), how big the tabs are (4!)

as well as this m_VariableFive or m_variableFive

a thing that we need need need for board design is to have multiple via drills! In this thing I'm designing I've got 6mil drills on all vias, whereas 12mil would be better for the power components. postprocess->drill tools-> apparently allows you to override the via dimensions. thoughts?


Dick H. wrote:


Would you be offended if I gave you some constructive criticism on
your latest edits?

(For what its worth, I have been writing C/C++ code for 40 hours a
week for 25 years.)


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