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Re: Building with scons for Fedora 6-How is it done?


yajeed2000 wrote:
How do I build kicad for Fedora 6 using Scons?
Are the instructions contained in the wiki still current/up to date?
I notice that Scons version 0.97 is now available but can this be used under Fedora? I would like to try building the community developed versions for myself so I can evaluate the latest features and provide some feedback.
Please advise me on the steps I need to undertake to begin.




The makefile.gtk system works fine. There was some discussion recently on this list that the scons builder was no longer current and the enthusiasm to keep it current had fallen away. So if you do not know how to modify it to make it work, you should use makefile.gtk

make -f makefile.gtk

How hard is that?

Then, as you find missing header files or libraries, go to your distribution's package search engine on the web, to find which packages contain the files that are complained about and install those packages.