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kicad user visible project tree


What is the thinking regarding displaying all the *.sch files in the
main kicad project tree panel?

The latest source code does this. Yet when I click on one of my
non-top level schematic files, they do not display properly because
there is evidently some dependency which only gets satisfied if you
were to first load the top most schematic file.

This seems to need more design thinking. It is not user friendly and
makes the package seem rinky dink.

If a user has to first load the top level schematic then, we should
not be displaying any of the other schematic files in the project panel.  

Are we trying to write a file manager here? It shows the entire
directory tree below the start of the project, including .svn hidden

The owner of this idea needs to step forward and defend it please, or
at least state your full (eventual) intentions.

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