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Re: Re: KiCad as base for


We can discuss these deficiencies, and queue up these
remarks for our future "feature enhancement database" :) (Igor

Please, look at

If you want something else, write me more detailed.

Igor Plyatov



What about switching to the built-in support at sourceforge for a) enhancement requests and b) bug reports:


These would give users the ability to post individual requests, and then developers could step up and fill in the "assigned" field as they decide to implement or fix something. Then the bug or enhancement can be closed or deleted.

I think there are systems more elaborate than sourceforge's for this type of use case, but this one is free and already setup. We can walk before we run. Would this not be an improvement over where we are now?

If agreed, then please just make sure that the developers have full use privileges so we can administer this database without having to run to you for each edit of any kind. (Sorry I cannot be more specific than this, I have not used this database much yet.)

Your existing wiki page could then be modified to simply be a link to the above two database UI's.

What do we think about this?


We need to put the downloads on sourceforge.net. If you look at many of the postings in the users yahoo group, then you see that the two download sites are not functional and have not be up for some time. Can we get a volunteer to administer this? Igor are there any admin roles that need to be given to that person so they can maintain the files up there without being blocked by sourceforge?