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Re: Split sourceforge files


On 19/08/07, Milan Horák <stranger@...> wrote:
> is there any progress in packages splitting as mentioned here?:
> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/kicad-devel/message/319

I added support for split packaging in the makefiles. The commands
below will produce a separate "package" for binary, common & each

mkdir -p /tmp/kicad/usr/bin
make -f makefile.gtk install-bin PREFIX=/tmp/kicad/usr
make -f makefile.gtk install-res PREFIX=/tmp/kicad-common/usr
make -C help -f makefile de PREFIX=/tmp/kicad-doc-de/usr
make -C help -f makefile en PREFIX=/tmp/kicad-doc-en/usr
make -C help -f makefile es PREFIX=/tmp/kicad-doc-es/usr
make -C help -f makefile fr PREFIX=/tmp/kicad-doc-fr/usr
make -C help -f makefile it PREFIX=/tmp/kicad-doc-it/usr
make -C help -f makefile pt PREFIX=/tmp/kicad-doc-pt/usr
make -C help -f makefile ru PREFIX=/tmp/kicad-doc-ru/usr

I'm using these for the Debian packages, but as yet they are not being
used for the general release binaries that go on sourceforge. I think
the downloads on sourceforge so far are copies of the ones JP puts on
his main site, which are packaged somewhat differently.


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