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SVN snapshot readme file for comments


Hi all,

there is a readme file intended to be packed into svn snapshot release.

I'm open to your comments and suggestions.

Readme file for SVN snapshot of Kicad EDA suite.

Purpose of this SVN snapshot is to allow users to use the most actual
version of Kicad EDA suite

on systems running Microsoft Windows.

SVN-snapshot release contains only executable files of the Kicad EDA

To use it you need to have Kicad EDA suite installed in your Windows

Files are usually placed in Program Files directory of your hard drive.

Be sure to backup your _winexe_ subdirectory of Kicad EDA installation
before trying these files.

To use it simply overwrite executables of Kicad EDA installation on
your system.

No other action needs to be taken.

There is no guarantee that any of these files will work on your system
although there is high probability

that it will work.

All files contain no virus known to release date.


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