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Re: Re: Dialog work


Geoff Harland wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

> Geoff,
> The dialog work is looking nice.
> The Apply button the pcbnew colors dialog is handy!
> Don't know that the ESC key is working there, should it be?

Pressing the Esc key *should* cancel that dialog box (giving the same outcome as clicking on its "Cancel" button). And that really does happen on my PC, and while using either Windows (Win 2000 SP4) or Linux (Debian 4.0r0).

If that is not happening on your PC, I am currently at a loss as to why that would be the case. Does the Esc key cancel the corresponding dialog box in GerbView? (Because of similarities in the associated code, it is possible that you could be having problems there as well.)

When time permits, I intend to similarly provide "OK", "Cancel", and "Apply" buttons for EESchema's "EESchema Preferences " dialog box. (And I am also looking at the possibility of providing an additional button and checkbox, to enable the color and visibility of the grid to also be editable from the same dialog box.)

Geoff Harland.

No Esc working here. Ubuntu calls my wxWidgets version

Maybe it is version dependent. You might want to check the wxWidgets change log or something.