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Re: [sch] BUS with different signal names



Yes, you partially misunderstood. I would like to code this feature
myself (when I was writing previous email I haven't this in mind).

As I see I have to code it into netlist.cpp, which then creates 
connections not regarding bus member prefix. If this is not
the right way, then I am asking for some help.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> rokmarkov wrote:
>> Hi
>> I think that limitation on the bus where you have to have nets
>> with the same prefix is ilogical. Bus consist from data lines
>> (Data[1..n]) and from control lines (ALE,WE,...). Some buses,
>> like SPI or i2c have no paralel data lines so bus tool is usseles
>> in this case. Maybee you should have an option where you could
>> select if you have BUS with arbitrary net names or classical net
>> names (like now).
> This sounds like an enhancement request worth remembering. It might get
> more attention long term if you added it to the enhancement request
> list, see the wiki for the URL.
> That is, unless I mis-understood, and you were proposing an idea that
> you intended to code up, and wanted to discuss it here on the
> development list before coding it.


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