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Re: Re: new bug? related to wxwidgets?



You are doing good, important work on the project. Your dialog work will be quite visible to users.

I could have not said anything about breaking the linux version. Of course you would not. My bad.

Also, don't feel bad about breaking a build, it happens. Even JP Charras did that last week with his VIA commits. None of us are perfect. Software is a lot of trial and error.

And part of that is error. Although we try to keep the SVN repository so that version HEAD always builds, but it is not the end of the world if it gets broke. It is the tool of the developers, not of the users. Anyone can always go back to an earlier version to back out of something that is broken.

Keep up the good work. Because you seem to have more time than some of us, you are well positioned to impact the project on an on going basis.