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Re: Compilling Kicad with dynamic wxWidgets linking


Milan Horák wrote:

is there any possibility to compile Kicad without wxWidgets statically compiled into exe files.

What I mean is not to have 34 megabytes of exe files but i.e. 3 megabytes plus one shared wxWidgets.dll.

I tried it with WXUSINGDLL = 1 line in libs.win but no succes.
I tried it with wxWidgets compiles with --enable-shared=yes but no succes.

Do you have any idea how to do it?


Check with the wxWidgets people. See any makefile examples that they provide. Verify that they support it.

But realize that a static link pulls in only those functions and classes that are referenced. Whereas a DLL does not know who its clients will be and is often built for the worse case and can be MUCH bigger than what gets linked in statically. So the sum of the EXE linked to a DLL plus the DLL will usually be larger in file size than the statically linked EXE alone.

Some of your answer lies hidden in the use of the wx-config command. It may be helpful to start searching there, on the wxWidgets forums and website, specifically for Windows.




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