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Things are going well with the DRC dialog. I will need another day or
two. Your work in the drc.cpp file is quite extensive and I am
impressed by it.

Having said that, with better "after DRC run reporting" on its way, I
am wondering if you would have any strong objections to decoupling the
status window updates from the DRC looping during the actual tests. I
would like to be able to do a final screen update just at the end,
with maybe only an hour-glass type cursor visible during the
procedure. I think that the DRC checker will run MUCH faster without
the intermediate UI and the end of test results will be more clear
with other changes I am making so the stuff being done on the screen
during the tests is pretty useless.

In general I favor decoupling complex algorithms from screen updates.
Should we ever get a Python binding in place, it will be nice to have
fast clean C++ routines in place that can be called from Python
without a lot of baggage happening on the screen. The routines should
be more "context independent" where we can.

Let me know of any concerns you have. I would tell you if I were in
over my head. That is not the case.

Again, my compliments on the work you have done in drc.cpp.

Best regards,

Dick Hollenbeck
SoftPLC Corporation

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