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Re: Re: Recent enhancements to kicad


On 09/02/2008, Geert Vancompernolle <geert.vancompernolle@...> wrote:
> > I would just like to say thank you for all the recent
> > improvements/enhancements to kicad.
> > All the work is appreciated.
> I'd second that.

Thirded. In fact last night I exported the last board I made (and
probably the last I'll be making for a good while) to specctra, put it
through freerouting and imported the tracks back in. Superb. Thanks

> But then: I have/had the impression most of the work has been done for Linux releases. Will all those changes also available in the Windows releases of KiCAD?

I don't use Windows to have tested this, but I'm pretty sure none of
the code is platform specific, everything should work just fine on
Windows. The only platform issues have been build related, because
most people are developing on Linux it's had most of the attention,
but from what's been said recently I think the windows build is now
working fine.


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