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Re : Re: Recent enhancements to kicad


I have to thank you also.

many, many thanks for the enhancements every one of you provided.

Best regards,
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> De : Richard A Burton <richardaburton@...>
> À : kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Envoyé le : Samedi, 9 Février 2008, 9h10mn 49s
> Objet : Re: [kicad-devel] Re: Recent enhancements to kicad
> On 09/02/2008, Geert Vancompernolle wrote:
> > > I would just like to say thank you for all the recent
> > > improvements/enhancements to kicad.
> > > All the work is appreciated.
> > I'd second that.
> Thirded. In fact last night I exported the last board I made (and
> probably the last I'll be making for a good while) to specctra, put it
> through freerouting and imported the tracks back in. Superb. Thanks
> Dick!
> > But then: I have/had the impression most of the work has been done for Linux 
> releases. Will all those changes also available in the Windows releases of 
> KiCAD?
> I don't use Windows to have tested this, but I'm pretty sure none of
> the code is platform specific, everything should work just fine on
> Windows. The only platform issues have been build related, because
> most people are developing on Linux it's had most of the attention,
> but from what's been said recently I think the windows build is now
> working fine.
> Richard.
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