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Re: Filling a zone


Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :


I am running into a problem filling a zone container that is on an inner
layer under a BGA. There are no pads in the zone, only (fan out) vias
which in turn are connected to some BGA smt pads on the top layer. The
message I get is

No pads or starting point found to fill this zone outline
Zone Outline (47B3E237) [V1.8A] on Inner L1

My previous updates used only pads to start filling, but my last update look for a pad, a via or a track end point inside the zone outline to start filling. (a track crossing the area without any end point inside this area is not view).
All items found are used to start filling.
I tested it with a zone without pad but a through via or a micro via or a track end within the area and it works for me.

So, if you have vias (or track end points) inside the defined copper area i do not understand what happens.
If the problem persists, can you send me your board ?

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