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Re: Favourite IDE for developing/debugging Kicad on


yajeed2000 wrote:
What is the easiest/favourite IDE that most developers of Kicad use at
the moment.
I've just been setting up the build system on my PC and would like to
use an IDE if possible.
Any thoughts or recommendations?


You need a good text editor. One that you can master.

Beyond that, you need the ability to re-enter


at the command line quickly. For this I use the up arrow followed by enter. When there are a lot of errors in my compile, I jazz that up a bit with:

$ make 2>&1 | less

Currently my editor is Jedit.

For debugging I use kdbg on top of gdb on top of Ubuntu Linux.

This, or you could spend two weeks learning Eclipse. Go on vacation, come back, forget what you learned, and spend that same two weeks again.