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Re: Re: Patch: improved magnetism


Hi Werner,

Your patch looks good, just needs a tiny bit of tweaking: can you
make it so that when moving vias, can you make it so the via is not
magnetic to its former position / former self?

With this new magnetism, I am unable to move 0.6mm vias 0.2mm, or one
step on the grid. I can only move it 0.4mm. If in need to move it
0.2mm, have to delete via ... not a super big hassle, but the code
should not be hard to fix?

I do not know much about pcbnew moving code, but it seems to me that
objects in general should not be self-magnetic.

thank you for you efforts,


> > Is this patch included in the svn somewhere? I'd like to try it.
> >
> > Magnus
> >
> >
> Thanks Magnus. I just checked in the 4 patches from Werner 10 minutes
> ago, without testing them. Your role is now requested to be elevated
> from try-er to tester.
> Let us know if it is an improvement and does not break anything please.
> Thanks,
> Dick

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