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Re: Re: Patch: improved magnetism


Magnus Beischer wrote:
--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:

Is this patch included in the svn somewhere? I'd like to try it.


Thanks Magnus. I just checked in the 4 patches from Werner 10 minutes ago, without testing them. Your role is now requested to be elevated from try-er to tester.

Let us know if it is an improvement and does not break anything please.

I have done some testing and it looks good. A great improvement in pcb
design speed. Can't see that it is breaking anything, but I have found
one bug, or rather unwanted feature:

The magnetism works great when I approach a track from some sort of
angle, but when I approach a track in line with the one I come from
the magnetism wants to snap to the next point of the track and that
can be (very often for me) outside of the current zoom (the feeling is
that the magnetism wants to snap very far away).

I know its a little bit hard to explain this feature/bug without
making a video or something of it, but if I explain what i want maybe
my opinion becomes more clear:

When coming from up/right down to a vertical track (deleting old track
ON) pcbnew starts with making a 45 deg. track and then a vertical
track. In this case I want the magnetism to snap only in the
left/right way, not in the up/down way. When it wants to snap up/down
the cursor jumps off the screen and disappears.

// Magnus

I have duplicated the behavior once now. I will have a look at the code now.

And if it starts to make sense, then this one too:

I've known people that are "self-magnetic".

But vias magnetic to their ghost? Naaah.