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Re: KiCAD Website and Version


Hello Jean-Pierre!

One man from [kicad-users] write this:

I am unsure where "end-users" are supposed to obtain their KiCAD binaries

1. On the official website (http://www.lis.inpg.fr/realise_au_lis/kicad/), the
latest version is 2007-11-29.

2. In the Wiki (http://kicad.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Download), it sais to obtain binaries/sources from sf. Here, there are numerous versions, which
seem like "end-user" versions:
- A Windows stable (?) binary tagged from 2008-01-17
- A source distribution (for generic unix end-users) tagged r738 from
- The svn snapshots (which I don't consider as being intended for end-users).

3. In addition to this, there are distribution-specific packages for debian, gentoo, ubuntu (which doesn't cause additional confusion, because there are
usually distro-specific packages for any software).

This is a mess (esp. items 1+2), so could someone please straighten this out?
I think there should be at least "official" source code releases, tagged
non-ambigously, intended for end-use. From these, binaries should be
generated with the corresponding tag.

Also, the official site and the wiki/community should get in sync regarding
the distribution and naming policy.

Thanks in advance.


Jean-Pierre, can you please, at least, remove the old download links from sites
from you homepages and add only a one link to the new download page

The Yahoo translation group doesn't exists anymore and link to it must be deleted. The links to the "news-changelog" and "install" is outdated and better to remove it:

Another problem is a non visibility of link to the Wiki.
To many sites confuse users.

May be better to replace detailed information about KiCad from homepages by links to the Wiki and leave info only about author?
At wiki, you can write all what you want about KiCad.
Igor Plyatov

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