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Re: How to build Kicad with Visual Studio?



Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. I've been busy so I haven't been following the mailing list very closely. I have successfully built Visual Studio 2005 (vc8) project files for Kicad with CMake. However, the actual build of Kicad fails miserably. The round() function seems to be the main culprit. Although I think I saw some other errors go flying by in the build output.

There are a lot of prerequisites you have to build before attempting to build the Kicad VS project files. First you have to create various builds of wxWidgets you want to use of with the provided VS project files. The same goes for zlib if you want to build mininzip. Once you have that done, then you can create the VS project files using CMake. This usually take several passes until you get all of the library paths set correctly. Then you can compile Kicad and watch the build failures and see if you can figure out how fix them. My guess is that there are some header file layout differences between the standard GNU (and possibly other POSIX systems) and the Visual C++ header files. Don't take that to heart. I have not taken a close look at using Visual Studio to build Kicad other than to make sure I don't break change to the CMake build files. I use MinGW/MSYS on Windows and GCC on Linux so it is low on my priority list.

Maybe some day when I have Kicad building the way I want on MinGW/MSYS and Linux I will revisit the issue.

Good Luck,


veryhardleo@... wrote:
No one want to answer to my question? It's not in the spirit of kicad developing with Visual Studio?

Someone please answer...


veryhardleo@... ha scritto:
I made a non-sense question?

How I can build kicad under Visual studio (any version..)?

or there are better tools ( I'm talking about debuggin tools with real time break points, change variable values "on-the-fly" and so on.. )

Or you have some valid alternative for building kicad under windows?

Leonardo Benini

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