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Re: Re: SVN snapshot release frequency


Hi Milan,

There are two ways of using ssh is batchs:

1) using sshpass, which has the inconvinence that the password will be visible in the script

2) create a public/private key pair, that will remain stored in both computers.

If you have trouble finding info about those, I can have a look if I can find a tutorial in english...


Milan Horák escreveu:
Hi Magnus,

so you will have to import my ssh key to your server, because there is no way to connect to ssh from bash script with password (AFAIK).

But I have no experience with that, just read about it. But we will figure it out some way :-)


Magnus Beischer napsal(a):
--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Milan Horák <stranger@...> wrote:
Hi all,

the script is done, question has come:

How often release svn binary snapshot (on sf.net)?
How often release source package (on sf.net)?
Is there anybody who wants nightly builds?
Does anybody have a ftp server to put nightly build on?

That is for now :-)


P.S. Script now does:

1) svn checkout
2) compile linux binary
3) make linux svn snapshot package
4) make source snapshot package
5) upload both packages to sf.net
6) mail me to finish release on sf.net

I have a Linux web server and ssh server available if that helps.

I guess that Milan (or the script) could scp the results to my server
to a directory where the web server has access?

// Magnus

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