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Re: Reducing number of drills - new utility.


Hi, this is a nice idea :)

I have made a script allong the same way to change all refferences of components in a .brd to a single size.

It would be a good idea to have all of these kind of utilities in a single program!

- fewer drill sizes,
- single/fewer text sizes
- minimum/fewer line size on silk (some manufacturers specify minimum)

Here is the script, it is a single line shell script...

awk '{ if ($0 ~ /^T0/) {print $1,$2,$3,"300","300",$6,"80",$8,$9,$10,$11} else {print} }' Test.brd > Test.brd


klui_ escreveu:
My board was designed using different libraries and I've discovered 9
different drills! .5;.7;.8;.81;1.00;1.02;1.27;3.00,3.60
It's clear that we can simply discard .81 and replace it with .8,
1.02->1.00 e.t.c.
I've made a simple utility which makes the following actions:
1. Read your .cfg file with "min...max" ranges and new values
2. Replaces all occurences in the .brd file choosen

Take a look at screenshots "before" and "after". Between pictures is
.cfg file in form: "min1,max1,new1;min2,max2,new2..."

P.S. Soon I'll make a documentation, "nicer look" and publish it.

P.P.S. Next version will also replace "pad sizes" and "via sizes"
similar way. Major bonus - it modifies .brd file, so later RUN DRC!!

I'm waiting for your feedbacks and requests.

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