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Re: Re: EDA in a better (open and free) world :-)]


Remy wrote:
Some other documents about EDA standards :

IPC-D-356 Inter Process Communication -> netlist

PADS forum :

IPC-7531A & IPC-2581

Good stuff Remy! Thanks.

We will be OK. Our roadmap may not exist quite as formally in text form yet as would be nice. But I think it is starting to emerge clearly enough among some of the developers. There is a tendency among non-developers to think, upon seeing slow progress, that this is because of a lack of vision by the developers. In other words, "things must not be moving because the developer doesn't know what to do next". More often than not however, the developer has no shortage of ideas, just a shortage of time. The time to implement good ideas dwarfs the time required to come up with them. So by far the bottleneck is implementation time, not conceptualization time.

What we are talking about lowers the time to implement future ideas by a country mile. The Python binding on top of a stable in memory document model will create an incubator for all kinds of import and export utilities. And the important thing is that the time to implement these utilities will be DRASTICALLY lowered, putting Kicad in the fast lane.

We will be OK.

Any good structure is not built on sand.