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GetBoundingBox and redrawing / XOR-Artifacts / Dangling ends



I had some time to work on the XOR-Artifacts, see my recent commits in SVN. I 
think I have all GetBoundingBox() functions complete now (correct me, if I 
missed something), except for DrawMarkerStruct (for which we don't need 
GetBoundingBox, do we?).

Hence, I have removed the corresponding switch in DeleteStruct(), 
XOR-Artifacts should be greatly reduced now. Moving PinSheets around still 
looks ugly, and I currently can't figure out why. It seems like the 
Popup-menu causes a redraw that interferes with the Xor-drawing.

While doing this, I noticed, that some dangling ends on hierarchical symbols 
were not drawn correcly after a block move. So I added a screen refresh after 
a block move (just like we do for regular moves), I hope that is OK.

Best regards,

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