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Re: Re: OSX suggestions.



2008/3/31, emmedics4 <m.serantoni@...>:
> > > > > Another missing piece is making the CMake build system work for the
> > > > > Mac port.
> > > > I am surprised at this, really. Has Apple made it hard to compile and
> > > > link a program? Or is CMake not available on the Mac?
> > > CMake is not available on OSX like in all Unices, like Solaris, HP-UX etc.
> > Are you sure ? there are some references to mac os X on the cmake site.
> > (perhpas for the svn version)
> Oui, the standard way to compile on those platforms still old fashioned Makefiles.
> CMake have to be compiled and installed.

I've never used osx but here are some links:

For tiger:

For leopard:

With this and -DKICAD_MINIZIP=OFF it should build the sources at
least. "make install" targets won't work because the paths are not set
for apple.