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Re: 3D models


Milan Horák wrote:
Hi gentlemen,

I just sent a new image to the files section.

These three models are 940kB (wrl files), so it takes time to render it.

Problem is that when you click on 3D Viewer (in pcbnew menu), nothing happens, just busy cursor. Is there possibility to change 3D Viewer behavior not to render and then display main window with result, but to display main window, inform user that rendering is in progress (i.e. x of y components pocessed) and then display result.

Seems like I will have to make an compromise between quality and size :-(


You know it is possible. There are many things to do, and I doubt this would get scheduled anytime soon.

In the mean time, is the busy cursor telling you that the system is *too* busy, that maybe this is too high of a burden. I don't know. After the initial rendering, can you spin and rotate the board without subsequent delay?

BTW, your resistor is "blue-tiful"! :-)


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