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Re: OSX: pcbnew with CORE_GRAPHICS.


> Marco Serantoni escreveu:
> > Marius what do you think about to use more STANDARD path for libraries ?
> > /Library/kicad
> Not in Linux... so it should be a different default for each OS
As it is, sadly.

Just for make clear, i'm also a linux user/admin from 1.1 kernels and i manage currently a 
couple of commercial unices and some *BSD, so i'm not coming from OS9.
I don't see nothing wrong to add the OSX paths at the end of the UNIX ones and let the user 
to find and drop the libraries in coherent place.

OSX user searches and drops program support files under (~)/Library/[programname] like all 
other unix users searches config files under /etc or debian user looks support files under 
Apples has guidelines for that, and Linux has LSB, Microsoft has its ones.

If the current desiderata is have only a subdirectories starting from the binary place i will 
shutup, as i think that could be a good common base between platforms.