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Re: eeschema add/insert lib dialog.


This sounds like the problem I ran into last week using EESCHEMA. I could not get it to recognize a local library. I finally had to go in and edit a config file with a text editor to get it to take.

Nice write up here Raúl.

Maybe Jean-Pierre will look at this one.



Hello all:

I've tried sending this e-mail, but I was unable till now. BTW, I think it's still fully applicable.

Having being able finally to have a debian package for kicad using cmake thanks to the effort of the Debian Kicad packagers, I've now entered into real testing stage at last.

For the moment I haven't seen much of the new movements in the code that has been certainly numerous these last months, I simply hadn't the time yet. But what I saw is that when I go into the lib selection dialog in eeschema and I don't choose a lib file living in the kicad library path, this library can't be used beacuse the full path isn't used anymore, just the file name.

IMHO, the full patch should be keep (as it used to) when the file is not in the default kicad library path.

The problem seems to be that the path of the file is not taken into account anymore. Going back into svn history, I see that the relevant change happened at r636 by JP Charras, specifically with the patch I'm attaching, whose revertion causes restablishment of the former behaviour which I consider "working"

I couldn't find an explanation or the aim for doing this change on either the commit message or changelog, but it looks like as the EDA_FileSelector function were going to be deprecated. I can see some references to it in other places and according to its name looks like a high-level function (abstraction) that maybe should be continued used unless there's a change in the design concept.

I'm new to the development of this software, so maybe I've lost some details. I would appreciate if someone could shed some light into this issue.


Best Regards,


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