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Re: Fileformats and library


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Remy" <kicadder@...> wrote:
> > Ema-eda, Cadence, OrCad have started:
> > http://www.ema-eda.com/products/other/emacadlibrary.aspx
> > to keep you committed as a member of their tool set club.
> > 
> > Nasa has a database of parts but no symbols or footprints:
> > http://nepp.nasa.gov/npsl/
> > that Intusoft claims to cross reference using XML:
> > http://www.intusoft.com/nlhtm/nl70.htm#xmldatabaseforpcbfootprint
> > 
> > Frank Frank, Accelerated Designs has a reasonably priced tool:
> >
> > with a neutral database, a library manager with revision control,
> > edit symbols/footprints once then export to the PCB design package
> > of choice. This would be real handy for Consultants that have to
> > re-design boards across different EDA platforms, adding new parts,
> > referencing/designing/importing symbols, footprints as their primary
> > design function. Not sure if Frank Frank would share his database
> > design, but he mentions the IPC-7351 standard.
> > 
> > I mention this primarily as references for ideas. The world got
> > into this mess from the history that schematic and PCB layout
> > packages originated from separate proprietary sources.
> >
> Hi,
> Just for documentation, if needed :
> http://www.bartels.de/baelib/arizona.def
> http://www.bartels.de/baedoc/baelib_arizona_en.htm
> http://www.bartels.de/baedoc/bl_en.htm
> Regards.
> Remy
I just up loaded the description of the accelerated-designs neutral
database format:
IPC-7351 talks to footprints or patterns but Frank Frank also
uses this for symbols. This format is open and a good KiCad library
candidate. www.accelerated-design has an agreement with National
to use the binary version of the Vender Netral file (VNF) on there
web site to download a symbol/footprint for their parts.
where you can also give the demo Ultra-librarian version a spin.

Frank Bennett