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Re: Last change about listbox layers creates flicker


jean-pierre charras - INPG wrote:
You wrote (in changelog)

* Layer names were not being set into the htoolbar listbox properly if the
BOARD was loaded via the command line as happens when kicad chain loads
pcbnew. Also, layer names were not being set if a second board was loaded that had the same number of layers as the previous board. The solution was
to comment out the listbox rebuild test in WinEDAChoiceBox*
WinEDA_PcbFrame::ReCreateLayerBox( WinEDA_Toolbar* parent )

Unfortunaltely, comment out the listbox rebuild test creates a problem under Windows. Because without this test, the listbox is rebuild when the mouse is moving, the rebuild creates a very important flicker when displaying the layer list. So the listbox must be rebuild only if necessary (at least, not for each mouse move event). This is not a calculation time problem, only a display problem for the main horizontal toolbar.

OK, try my most recent commit.

The only risky part of it is the change to share/drawpanel.cpp's

void WinEDA_DrawPanel::OnMouseEvent( wxMouseEvent& event )

which has potential of affecting more than pcbnew.

The change_log.txt file tells more.