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KiCAD web-sites require changes


Hello Jean-Pierre!

Our project lost huge amount of potential users/developers because KiCad websites is not consistent. To many sites with different and outdated information confuse users and they lost interest.

The KiCad Wiki is a mature site for this time (and in different languages) and can replace the old homepages.

It is much easier and faster to edit Wiki pages then statical web-pages.

The Wiki contain the version control system to prevent vandalism (http://kicad.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Special:Recentchanges).

Only a registered users can edit Wiki pages.

May be better to replace information at KiCad homepages
by links to the Wiki and leave info only about author?
At wiki, you can write all what you want about KiCad (if this is not already written).

If way above is not applicable for you, then can you please, at least:

1. Replace the old "Download" links at sites
by only a one link to the new download page

2. The Yahoo "KiCad Translation" group doesn't exists anymore and better
to remove this link.

3. The "News-ChangeLog" link is outdated and better to change it to the

4. The "Install" link is outdated and better to change it to the

5. Add a link to the "KiCad Wiki" at

6. Remove the information about latest release from the left bottom corner of pages or replace it by a link to the Wiki.

Igor Plyatov

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