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Re: Stable version of kicad (kicad-2008-08-25-stable)


Hello Jean-Pierre and Milan!

> I'd like to upload it but Igor objects that there are some non free pdf
> files in installer. Is it a problem?
> Milan
I understand its problem.
But all pdf files I put in kicad do not have copyrights (when a doc file
has a copyright (it happens), i do not use it).
Of course i can be wrong, but i believe there is no problem.

First of all.
I work each day with many datasheets of many manufacturers and know how they must look.

I can confirm there is happened a cropping of last pages (or sometimes first) with the owner specifications, copyright and other information.

If you want to ascertain in this, you can download the same datasheet from part manufacturer site and compare with datasheet from the KiCad tree.

I think no one want to host or download the program and a bunch of doubtful and not required information.

This is the reasons to remove datasheets from KiCad tree.

Igor Plyatov

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